met king of scrubs other day!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by cutrite, Jun 16, 2005.

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    As i was driving my rig to one of the apartment buildings I mow there he was. I was like what the heck is that. He was riding his ten speed with his 21" mower roped to the back of his bike and a weedwacker on top of it. I couldn't believe my eyes. So as I laugh to the job a couple blocks away, I pull up and notice a couple of broken down mowers behind a van. They were not there before, then you guesed it the guy on his ten speed pulls up. He starts off by telling me how much money he's making and how big he's going to be. So I'm like really thats great.So i mow and leave. I come back the next time its about 12:00 he comes out side and starts talking.I said so how many lawns have you been mowing? He said only one so far,but he said I'm not even trying to get lawns around here. I said why did you get your van working.No the engine is seized up.I asked him if he is working any where, of course I knew the answer. As we keep talking I'm feeling bad for him because he married with kids, So I offered for him to do some landscaping for me. He tells me if its grunt work he could do it,but if it takes any thought or engineering he could do it.Then he said something I couldn't believe he said I better watch out he's going to take my accounts.He just wished he would of got his fliers out 5 days ago. It's freaking JUNE, In my mind I'm like dude you are hopeless. But I just ended the conversation and mowed and left. I never knew you could conquer the mowing industry on a ten speed. :confused:
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    So when does he start for you?! :D :dizzy:
  3. BCSteel

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    "met king of scrubs other day!"

    Did you look in the mirror?

    Get over it. You look down your nose at him and there are just as many who look down on you.
  4. HK45Mark23

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    Yesterday I was at church for Vacation Bible School. A girl who I watched grow up in church is now married. She introduced me to her husband. He said HI and called me by Mr. (my last name.) I asked, “You know who I am?” He said, “Yeah" that he knew me. I said, “How?” He replied “Well last year you were taking care of my wife’s grandmothers yard.” I said “Yeah I was.” He said, “I kind of “cooped” your contract and prices.” I said “You cooped my contracts?” He said “Yeah I also am in the lawn care business. I really mostly do landscaping but I have request for yard care so I go by your contract as a guide for pricing.” Then I asked about his equipment and who he uses for suppliers for materials. He gets all of his equipment and landscaping materials from Lowels, Home Depot and Rural King. He then informed me how much he liked Rural King for their half off prices on plants. Ok so the guy stole my time where I figured my time and the price for my time. At first I figured I wanted at least $30.00 an hour and figured how long it took to do every task. I performed my own time studies and then used a multiplier to figure my rates for any specific task. Such as edging linear feet times multiplier value equals total cost for edging. And every task was studied and then appropriately priced per linear or square feet. I guess imitation is the purest form of flattery but I would rather be paid for my expertise and intellectual property. Oh by the way the $30.00 an hour is no longer my standard.
  5. cutrite

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    Yeah your right when I offered him a job I was being pretty stuck up. If he could see past his pride he might have made enough money to pay to fix his van. Let's see all my equipment is paid for ,truck,brand new 48" mower ,used 36" mower, 2 stick weedwackers,stick edger, blower,new trailer, insurance,signs,money in the bank. Maybe its not that there looking down I think its called envy. And YES IF YOU THINK YOU CAN DO WELL IN THE BUSINESS PULLING A MOWER BEHIND YOU ON A TEN SPEED I WILL LAUGH AT YOU. :cool:
  6. Todd's lawncare

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    man when i was young thats how i did it then upgrades to a mini motor bike i made "GOOD" money for the kid down the street i didnt do it for 5 bucks for some gum tobad i dont have that many lawns now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. K c m

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    Why do these threads keep coming up?? i think its rediculous i say unless you are Mr. Brickman you have no room to talk.
  8. Todd's lawncare

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    What would life be if no one seen anything wrong with any thing? we all might just get along i can see that happening NOT
    And I'm not saying this guy is but why does every one see something wrong with a guy with a beat up truck and push mower a scrub ? I have two beat up trucks for hauling scrap but i got ins for every thing ? How do you know so much to say they don't ? I think 90% are just mad because there in dept for there setup and the other guy got his at wal-mart and still making money .
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    Do you speak english or are you pretending to be numb?
  10. cutrite

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    There is a difference between having a business and cutting grass in the summer to make some cash. The dude was at least 25. That doesn't qualify for being a kid on summer vacation making some spending cash.Then to say he was going to take my accounts.Come on. :realmad:

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