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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by kurt033, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. kurt033

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    hello every one i was looking for a place to purchase the green metal edging i can't find a good place on line or in the books we have any info would be great thank you. kurt
  2. GrassQuester

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  3. kurt033

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    Thank you so much i will try it out and see what i come up with
  4. tmc8524

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  5. bryant lawn & landscape

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    I just bought some at Home Depot today- 8' sections for 10 bucks here.
  6. Tq23

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  7. kurt033

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    ok guys thank you i will check in to both places. I think our home depo is a lot higher than that but i will look again. It would be nice to know where they buy it or who there supplier is if they would sell to us.i dont know what home depo is like in your area but mine it is not a fast in and out. most of the time the help don't know anything.
  8. Okiebug003

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    Lowes, John Deere, and most nursery's.

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