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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by turfman59, Dec 20, 2002.

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    I have been doing a lot of foudation plantings lately adding woody ornamentals and usually stone or mulch, My question iswhen removing sod along the house usually 4 to 8 ft out away from the building, is there a tool that eases this job. Normally its me and one other guy doing it with shovels buy hand excavating to approximately 3-4 inches depth . Would a sod cutter be better for this normally the turf is not in that great of shape to be able to roll it up and haul it away any ideas to speed this process up.

    Also we use metal edging instead of poly it gives a cleaner look but thats my perception, not too many customers want that spade cut look that a bed edger would provide

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    A few different methods that I use, and that others use.

    One, is a sod cutter. It easily removes sod and then allows you to plant without the grass. One problem I have with sod cutters is the sod itself........If the grass is not in good shape, the ground is rocky, or the soil is very doesn't do a great job.

    Next method is to till.......not fun, but effective at breaking up the existing sod and breaking up the soil for easier planting. Usually need to go back and rake out some of the larger hunks of grass and rocks, but not to bad.

    Third method, and the one I use most often, is the 'spray roundup' and then build raised beds method. Most jobs I have I raise the beds a good 4-6" at least, but a lot of times up to a foot or two. I just mark my beds out with paint, spray the areas with round up, and then dump topsoil well.

    I try to stop by 'planting only' jobs a few days, or a week ahead, of the my schedule start date to give the roundup sometime to work.

    However, because most of my jobs involve some sort of hardscaping, I find if I spray the beds the day I start, I can do all the paver/wall work and by the time I'm ready to plant, the grass is already dead.

    As for edging, I try not to use any. Only in cases where I'm using stone in the beds. We just edge the beds out by hand, digging a 'trench' or using a machine to cut a nice edge into the soil. More or less the norm around here.

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    Well, I have a practical method and a fun method that takes a bit longer.
    The practical method, get a sod cutter.
    The fun method! Go get a four wheeler, rev that baby up put it in 2 wheel drive and burn those back tires! Its remarkebly effective at ripping up grass, but it tends to take a while to rip it all up, and the mess can be huge. Its all in the wrist....
    No edging, unless its stone, then definately! But if not, just dig a nice and neat trench along the sides.

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