Metal Halide "Moonlighting" Fixture Recommendations

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by IFHConstruction, May 18, 2011.

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    Hi guys,

    I know the general consensus around here is that you don't like metal halide or line level fixtures.

    That said I am deep down in Texas where it is the norm, and I feel that it has a stately look to it when properly paired with a warmer low voltage lighting scheme. The long bulb life is also an attractant due to the height and placement of the fixtures.

    I will be working with a large water oak installing at the 30-35 foot range. I would like to install multiple fixtures at a lower wattage for a more diffused light and shadow effect.

    Any fixture recommendations and placement tips would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,
  2. IFHConstruction

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    Wattage and bulb recommendations would be appreciated too.
  3. bcg

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    30 - 35 feet is way too low for line voltage down lighting. You need to be more like 50 - 60 feet or it's going to be glaring. Also, keep in mind that metal halide is pretty yellow, most of what you see around town is actually mercury vapor, which is still available but has been "disallowed" for a few years due to in efficiency. I can't really help beyond that, I typically remove line voltage fixtures and replace with LED.
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  5. Alan B

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    Landscape Lighting Supply
    780 S. Floyd Rd.
    Richardson, TX 75080

    They are a distributor near your that is very informed and carries a lot of Halide lighting (is one of their specialties). They are somewhat of a competitor and I've only met the owner once (we both exhibited at AOLP Conference a few years ago) but he seemed like a real nice guy and has been in the biz for a long time. He knows your market and exactly what you'll need and where to get it. Tell him Alan From Landscape Lighting World sent you (why not make friends with competitors:)).

  6. David Gretzmier

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    hmm... my sister lived in Houston for 15 years, lives a few hours away in Gonzales now, and I have a landscape light/Christmas light consulting client that lives in the Houston area. I will be meeting with them in a few weeks, and I will ask them about this metal halide moonilight thing that apparently is the norm and all the rage in south Texas. I guess I have not seen it.

    That being said, there are a few pulse start metal halide mr-16's and par20 bulbs out there that claim to be 3000k, and they have 20 and 40 watt versions that put out around 1000-3000 lumens. while this is about 3-5 times as many lumens as I would reccomend from any fixture in any tree, it would seem with care this could be done without the street light effect that I have seen here locally.

    It's not that I am against using line level or any type of bulb, I am against bad lighting. just because a customer wants something, does not make it right.

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