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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by CANFIELDNH, Mar 18, 2004.


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    :) Were can you buy metal edging for a flower bed?
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    home cheapo/slowes
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    What kind of a price do they have on aluminum edging? I just checked their site and it is under construction! Will they ship?
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    Well they have aluminum and steel in a couple of colors as well as various plastics, some of which are very heavy duty much better than wal-marts.

    1/8x4x16' aluminum natural is 23.00
    black anodized is 29.00

    steel is 10' lengths in different weights and is in black or green.
    14ga is 10.60 flex
    1/8" 1s 14.60 line

    1-800-772-3888 yes they ship.

    It's expensive stuff, that metal edging.
  6. dougaustreim

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    Central Landscape is about 180 miles from me, but I go there about every two weeks during the season. We run a single axle tractor and big trailer and get almost all of our supplies there, edging, plant material, you name it. They are the most complete landscape supply company in the country, and are nice people besides.

    Austtreim Landscaping
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    In this area, a lot of steel edging is just plain raw steel from a wholesale metal supply. Most guys buy 1/8" x 4" wide x 20' strips. You put it in, it rusts, but we say "it weathers to a nice natural patina that blends well with the other elements of the landscape." Sounds better than rust.

    A lot of people prefer the green painted stuff that comes mainly from home centers, but also a few landscape supply houses handle it. Also 4" wide.

    Most all lawns being installed here in new developments are Bermuda. Big time invasive of the landscaping, goes right under the edging. The last couple of years I've been buying steel strips about 8" wide, sinking it about 5 1/2," which pretty well stops the Bermuda, still is exposed just enough to weedeat against.

    This spring I am experimenting with painting it green, because some of my customers are having me add landscaping, and the landscaping they already have in their yards is edged with the green painted steel.

    I've been getting $2.50 a foot for the 4" installed, am thinking I will need to get about $4 a foot for the painted 8". My cost for the 1/8" x 4" steel is about $13 for 20'. The 8" is lighter gauge, last batch cost me about $2 per 9 1/2' strip because it was scrap from a fabrication job.
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    Try John Deere Landscape

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