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    I've found that Home Depot is fairly expensive on metal. Not to mention that they don;t carry a huge inventory. They don't have more than a few lenghts of each on the floor.

    I don't buy much steel and such, so I usually go to a place called metal express (can't recall the exact name). Small orders, no minimum, cut to order, etc. Cheaper than the Depot. It would be nice to scrounge some free stuff, but like I said I don't use much so it is just easier to order what I need and be ready to go. They also sell cut-offs inexpensively.

  2. jeffyr

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    2 weeks ago I passed by a custom made truck rack that was being thrown away ! Unfortunatelly I didn't have my truck . When I went back.....gone. There was alot of scrap to be had there.

    Good ideas looking at weight benches, fish tank stands, bed frames, etc. being discarded.

  3. Chuck Smith

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    Jeff, I also forgot to mention that many towns have recycling centers. Where I used to live, they took brush, grass, and leaves. They also had a seperate dumpster (30 yard) for scrap metal. They had no problem at all with me rumaging through it. They paid for disposal by weight, so anything I took saved them money. I once missed a Walker mower by a day. I know the guy who grabbed it. All it needed was a new wheel motor. You never know what you'll find in one of those dumpsters!

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    Your responses make me chuckle.

    My sweeper driver collects everything for us.Washer machines,fans,metal,wood,etc... :)

    Mike Nelson
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    if there are any trailer manufactuers in your area try there that is were i find lots of surplus. also if there are any industies that us elots of metal try there. if thats the case there will also be suppliers near.
  6. jeffyr

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    The main town that I cut in has a dump for grass that landscapers can use. I took a look and the metal is also every Friday I can get a look at what has been collected. lots to be found there.

    Good suggestion !


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