metal trimmer line


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A friend of mine showed me trimmer line that appeared to be inpregnated with metal. At least that's what he was told. It's black with tiny silver specks. Has anyone heard of this?


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Hey Bob!,
Yes,I was given some of this string to sample from my dealer. (about 3 spools worth) I'ts made with aluminum filament. When I first put it on,I thought it worked o.k., but found that it frays real easy. It DOES seem to last a bit longer than regular string,but doesn't cut worth the darn. It's shaped somewhat like a star so more of the actual string surface cuts,but you don't get a good clean cut from the end.It just seems to beat the ground. I've cut with larger strings that do that from being so blunt (like .105) but this string was only .095. When I respooled with my regular .095 string, it was back to a crisp, clean cut again. More precise. When I told the guys at my dealer,they said they heard the same from others. I'm glad I didn't buy a spool of that stuff!

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I got some free samples from a show here last month too, made by husky, supposed to be titanium inside, kinda a dimpled spiral line. My guys said it lasts a little longer, but i did notice it frays. They used it to cut down some 2-3 ft weeds and that's where it shined. Don't think i'd buy it yet