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    I need help. I guess I don't get how to use metatags right. I have a nice list of them on my site, but can't get the crawlers to show mine. How do I do that and how do i get my metatags right?
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    The meta tags all look good. The problem might just be time. Different search engines use different methods for how they rank a website as being relevant to a search, but they all require time for their bots to find you. Of course, you could take care of this little problem by submitting your site to them instead. If you're not willing to pay to have your site automatically submitted to every search engine imaginable, then I recommend submitting it manually to some of the major sites-- at least Google, AltaVista, Webcrawler, etc.

    Also, you must realize that some search engines these days use meta tags as a secondary method of classifying web sites. I'm pretty sure Google makes their own list of keywords based on the content of the site, but uses the meta tags as the primary words. Then you're only going to be page 1 by getting clicked on a lot.

    Either way, don't sweat it. I think the best advantage of a website for small businesses is that it's an extension of your business card. While it's true that some people who want lawn care might go to a search engine and type: "lawn care indianapolis," it's still more effective to use other marketing techniques (flyers, business cards, referrals) and have your website listed on any media. Most people are scared to call a stranger whose work they haven't seen, but if you have a website with pictures they can check out then you're in business!

  3. FFMED74

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    Thanks for the little lesson. I do use flyers,ad in paper and cards as a primary way to get the name out, but it would be nice to "pop" up if my info was typed in, lol. I only did the web page as you mentioned, an extra extention of everythong else. I have actually had some response on it and it paid for itself with my first customer singed fron it, so it is good. I am just trying to make sure I am putting things together right. I am not a computer guru(play one on tv) and need to learn a lot still. Thanks again!
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    "DantheMan" gave you some good advise concerning advertising for a local service business.
    Nice to have a website, they make your business appear larger and more professional if done right. However we found that having a website is a lot like phone number advertising. If you want calls (hits) you have to advertise.
    First, no one calls until you are listed in the book (search engine).
    Second, which book should you be listed in Verizon, Bell, Yellowbooks (Google, Yahoo, MSN).
    Third, if you want to stand out you need a yellow page listing (meta tag/keyword).
    Fourth, to maximize effects you should have display ads (pay per click/pop ups).
    Fifth, should you get a quarter or full page ad (banner or featured).
    This goes on and on until the advertisers are the only ones making money.
    We do spend a lot of money to advertise since our market is national. Since your market is local concentrate your advertising efforts there. Word of mouth has always been the best and most cost effective method.

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    Hi Eric,
    Since your question was about Meta Tags, I took a look at yours. First off the link to your site has a typo, but I found it anyway.

    Meta Tags are not quite as important as they used to be. Many of the search engines don't pay a lot of attention to them. They still should be on the site and done as well as possible. The Keywords used to be the important ones. These days that is not the case. The title and description can be more important.

    Yours are, ok but need a little fix. First off you don't have a Title meta tag at all and that is important to have. Second your description one needs some fine tuning.

    For the title I would use something like Straight Way Lawn care serving Indianpolis Indiana You really need to get this in there.

    For the description you have "serving the metro south side on Indianapolis" Let me ask you this Eric, Serving them with what? apple pie and coffee? How about "Straight Lawn care, mowing edging and lawn work in Indianapolis Indiana"

    Your keywords need a little help too. Talk about what you do. Mowing, edging, lawn care, grass cutting. Any works anyone might search for.

    The best order for meta tags are Title, Description, Keywords, other tags. You have other first, then no title then keywords then description.

    Once you have them how you want them you can go to and they will do an automated evaluation of your meta tags.

    A good place to get your site listed is It is free although they don't turn down donations. I usually give them about $ 20 a year which gets me some extras.

    Hope I helped you a little. I don't mean to sound critical. You just need some help with them. I did not check anything but your home page. The meta tags should be on every page.
  6. FFMED74

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    from Indiana
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    No offense taken, I am learning and the only way to learn is to be thick skinned and take advise, which is what I asked for. I am thankful that you took the time to educate me some, it is great advise and I will us it to better my page. By the way coffee and apple pie can be served for the right price, LOL. If I can ever help in a non computer way let me know. I am really good with things that burn and medical emegencies!!!!!! Thanks and Gob bless!
    Eric helps if you spell it right, duh lol.
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    Hi Eric,

    Glad I could help. I think I have suggested about as much as I can but when you get the changes made, if you want me to take another peek, I would be happy to do that.

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