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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by coxlandscaping, Feb 25, 2007.

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    We have an Irrigation job that has low water pressure the meter size is 5/8 the psi is 40 and the gpm is 6 the home owner said that they would not mind having another meter set I called the water dept. for some info of course no return call so do you all think setting a new meter just for Irrigation would help and what size meter would you suggest going to say 1" would that help
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    1" minumum. & At the least consider a seperate tap to eliminate sewage charges.

    Some cites "bull head" service taps. My city perfers to dig up the street and make a whole new tap. Since
    you only have a 3/4" service & low pressure to the meter id strongly consider a new 1" tap.

    Id also recommend a booster pump for the system with your low pressure situation. Theyre not much money and for what you get out of it its worth the extra $.
    Look into a 1/2 horse 1 1/4" inlet 1" outlet. Sta-Rite or berkley are good brands.

    Once you install backflow device, if your code requires an RP you'll be losing over 10+ psi off the get go.

    DC backflows wont be as bad probably around 5-7psi. loss
  3. coxlandscaping

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    I hadn't thought of the booster pump but I don't have any experience using them as far as the back flow we have been using 1" Wilkins 975XL I know the people that live in this area of town has had poor water pressure most people that live there don't even think about Irrigation because of it
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    booster pumps can go against code in some areas too. Adding a booster usually increases your backflow requirement. In DC country, you still need an RP if you have a pump added.
  5. coxlandscaping

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    I know that I could go ahead and design this with a whole bunch of zones I just hate doing it that way. Is there a way of testing it right at the meter if so how most of the time we will test it at the house off an outside water spigot and then I will call the water dept. and get what they tested the meter at
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    Thats one long sentence. ;)
  7. advancedlawnsolutions

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    A booster I believe will most likely be needed here to stay away from doubling the zones. Keep in mind: Increase flow;Loose PSI . > Decrease Flow; Gain PSI.
    Most of the city water supplier's in my area are good about maintaining high PSI. In fact I have often times had to install regulators. However I've got a job now that is either going to require a booster or force me to pull from his pond. I chose the pond and I now get to study pump selection. There is a great tutorial on this site about irrigation design/boosters/pumps etc. If you don't find it, do a Google search for Irrigation Tutorial it's a great help
  8. advancedlawnsolutions

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    Oh yeah I deal with 5/8" meters all the time.
  9. bicmudpuppy

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    If it is an outside meter, you can turn the water off and disconnect the downside of the meter and then install a 90 on the meter. Connect a flexible 1" pipe to that 90 and see what your flow is at that point. Unless there is a regulator somewhere though, your measured static pressure should not change. This is why a flo-meter or hose Y with the gauge on the other side of the Y is so helpful. You can check psi under flo. If your 40 psi remains constant, even w/ say 5gpm from the bib, then you know you have a good supply (how "good" is still up for grabs). If the pressure takes a dive when the bib is open, you now KNOW the water supply is iffy at best.

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