methods for gum and motor oil

Discussion in 'Power Washing' started by stevenf, Nov 3, 2011.

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    From my personal use I used "Mean Green Auto Degreaser" from Cook Auto Supply for stains on my concrete floor instead of the meratic (SP?) acid.
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    While there is no substitute for heat, there are a few formulations that work to a degree. After removing the excess top layer, a mix of Dawn dishsoap can certainly cut in. It has to be brushed in though, and left to sit. As far as the gum goes,..for real old gum, like on walks, if you do not have a quality turbo nozzle, go from your 15 degree tip to your 0 degree (afterward), and just shake the jetstream on each piece (just a few seconds apiece is all it takes). It comes right up.
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    Even though hot water pressure washers costs more than conventional cold water pressure washers, you will find that hot water washers make more sense on these kind of jobs. I recommend renting a Hot Water Unit and seeing for yourself.

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