Metric or SAE tool kit?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by JaekayDesign, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. JaekayDesign

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    so, in preparing my rig for the up coming season.. What are most bolts n such on mowers these days. It's narrowed down to a ferris z1, a v-ride 2(48") or possibly a JD 648R if they can get the price wright. (See what I did there) but.. What are most mowers made up of? Like, blade bolt sizes, and boots or tension pulleys I got to mess with to change belts, etc. I already have tons of tools just for my shop equipment (furniture maker) but I also have a full on craftsman portable tool chest.. BUT, I do plan on getting a Milwaukee 3/8" drive socket m12 fuel unit... And I'm def gonna need to get some impact bits for that puppy. I do plan on doing as much work on the machine as possible. With that being said.. The ferris has hydro gear transaxles, which I hear are really easy to maintain, yet the machine is very tight and hard to work on. I wonder about changing a belt on one of them..
    Also going to have a HI-lift jack for the mower, the trailer, who knows what.
  2. RDALawns

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    Your going to need metrics and sae set. Most blades are still SAE 15/16th all motor bolts are metrics. Other things that's up to whatever they use.
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  3. Todd73

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    If you only get one, you’ll inevitably need the other; at probably the most inopportune time.
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  4. agrostis

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    Yep, you need both. America, along with Britain are the only two countrys in the WORLD that still use the SAE standard. I think its a crock. My F150 engine has both metric and SAE fasteners on it.
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  5. whiffyspark

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    M12 3/8 won’t be taking blade bolts off. You need at least a mid torque m18. I have the high torque m18. Have the m18 3/8 and it won’t pull blade bolts usually.
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  6. JaekayDesign

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    Oh.. I know that. I got a big 369 snap on breaker bar I found on the side of the road I’m gonna use for blade changes till I can get the big impact. But for general service, the 3/8 m12 socket will do fine. Like I said, I have multiple FuLL tool sets, and I love buying more, but I do want to kinda narrrow it down a lil bit for a trailer tool kit. I still don’t know where I want to keep it either...
  7. JaekayDesign

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    36” bar... I mean. It’s somewhere in my shop. But I found it on the side of the road, pristine condition... and it’s long . Not sure if it’s 1/2 or 3/8” drive. Glad I kept it. I’m thinking one of those 30” -36” under trailer boxes that the door folds forward.. get a 4 drawer, or whatever will fit, Middle (no lid to lock drawers) tool chest and load that with tools and then have room on the side for the cordless tools to fit. ( I can make cradles or whatnot). Then have the chargers running off the inverter that will power my printer, IPad mini charger, etc. I’ll build a wooden station in the back seat area of the GMC 1500 to fit all that and the printer, and more paper, etc.
    I’m thinking I’m gonna have to get a tool box for the truck also..
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  8. greennola

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    You should have both SAE and Metric. Each part of your equipment, depending on where it was manufactured, may require either. Too many times I had something go wrong with equipment and I would have to drive back home (or worse, buy something on the spot) that I could have been carrying in my truck with little lost space. It became so many wasted hours that I had to stay on top of it.

    I love my ratcheting wrenches. They are expensive compared to regular combination wrenches, but for the sizes I use most... indispensable.
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  9. JaekayDesign

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    Yeah... I’m looking real hard at those SK ratcheting wrenches, and I guess get a Milwaukee impact set(s)
  10. Blainethompson

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    Best bang for the buck when it comes to a tool set. Harbor freight. 300piece set $175-199 depending if you can find A coupon. Yeah it’s from harbor freight but I guarantee I have and gone through more tools then most full time mechanics. I literally have 10 full size 7ft tall took boxes in my shop full of tools. Snap on, Pittsburg, kobalt, Matco, mac, you name it. I’ve had or have them. I have never busted a socket from the 300piece sets and I’ve hammered on some with a snap on 1/2 impact. However, the ratchets in the sets are junk. I have 4 of the 300 sets. I buy them, take the ratchets out throw them in the trash and buy snap on 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 ratchets to put in there place. Just my opinion, but you won’t find a better tool set for the money, and there’s just about everything in there when it comes to sockets.
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