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Metro 21" giveaway


LawnSite Senior Member
Just got in for the night and checked email. Had one from Exmark saying I won their Metro sweepstakes. What a great way to round out the week. Makes me feel a lot better after blowing my truck motor and getting shafted on warranty work on my trimmer.<br> <br>Really going to help me out, as now I can retire my residential honda to backup duty.


LawnSite Member
I wish that I could win a mower everytime that something bad happened to me. Congragulations!!!!


LawnSite Senior Member
lol Jeff!<p>Congrats, Jason! I entered the same contest, as well, but I've got plenty of 21s at the moment. I'd like to win a 32&quot; to get into all those backyards my 36&quot; just barely won't fit into out here in Cal! ;)<p>Kudos again!<p>-TGC