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Metro 21 or Toro personal pace for wife


LawnSite Senior Member
Trenton ,Ohio
My wife has the crazy idea of helping me this year. So I'm thinking of getting either a metro 21 or a toro personal pace 21. I know this is apples/oranges but with the big difference in price I have a few questions: how well does the metro cut? can it stripe? would it be the better choice in the long run? I like quality stuff ,not that the personal pace is'nt. I do have some small properties I could use a good 21 on and of course the wife could handle a self propelled 21 pretty easy (I think). So I guess my main question is just how good of a cut does the metro give?


LawnSite Senior Member
Smitty58, I too would like to hear some thoughts about the Merto 21. I sold a 36", and as my luck would have it, I picked up a few yards with gates, and my 48" wouldn't fit. So, I started looking at 21"s, and "fell out" when I saw the MSRP of 999.99. I bought another 36" for 300.00.


LawnSite Member
Macomb, Michigan
I was in the same situation last fall and took the cheap way out with the toro personal pace 6.5 hp last year. I found it on clearance at Home Depot for $210 and got to use it for a couple of final cuts in the fall....I was impressed! I know its not a commercial grade mower, but it does a nice job and its fast and easy to manuver. I think I got more than my money's worth.....