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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by theyatesies, Jun 9, 2003.

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    I use honda 216 commercials now but I am thinking of trying a metro 21. I can get a honda commercial hydrostat for 940.00 what should I expect to pay for a self-propelled w/ brake clutch for the metro 21? Not the retail I want actual price.

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    The Honda powered Metro 21 will not be offered this year with the blade brake/clutch. The self propelled zone-start model lists for around $1150 with the Honda engine.

    We don't set the actual retail price here at the factory. That will vary from dealer to dealer. I'm sure your local Exmark dealer can provide you with the price and availability for the self propelled Honda model or the self-propelled blade brake/clutch Kawasaki powered model as well.



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    Can you tell me why the Metro 21" are more expesive than the identical Toro's at the same dealer?
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    Ultimate Lawn,

    That's not extremely uncommon. Is it possible one of the units is a left over 2002.

    Because each brand is distributed by different regional distributors they can at times offer different sales incentives.

    I've worked with the Exmark distributor down there for many years. They have a reputation for carrying a large inventory of parts and have great tech support. Quite often they make a sale based on their support after the sale rather than the selling price of the product.

    Either machine should serve you well. While I can't speak for the parts availability and tech support of any brand other than Exmark. I can assure you that we as well as the distributor are only a phone call or e-mail away if you need anything.



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