Metro 26 Opinions (again)

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnspecialties, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. lawnspecialties

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    A few weeks ago, I posted the rediculous pricing I got concerning some small to mid-sized walk-behinds. I have several high-end residential properties which really benefit from the cut my 21" gives but it sure takes quite a while longer than my 48" Gravely ztr.

    Anyway, I'm back to considering the Metro 26. I've been interested in this push mower since it came out several years ago. I remember all the complaints of poor performance and failed promises the first season and it seemed to slowly get better each year. Now it doesn't get mentioned too often here anymore. My search I just did yielded only a few threads and they weren't "that" bad.

    So for those with recent models, how are they holding out? Are you liking the cut and performance now? I pretty much mulch my clippings year round and I still have reservations of only 6hp turning a 26" blade.

    Thanks for any thoughts.:)
  2. shane mapes

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    mine is 2 years old and not regrets. the engine is fine no problem. well worth the $$$
  3. dishboy

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    If you are mulching you will be very disappointed with the 26. The narrow left side of the deck creates to much velocity at that point and ejects the clippings out the left side creating a windrow. This deck was designed as a bagging mower and it shows. Sadly manufactures have been unable to bring to the market a 26" to 32" mower that is light, compact and durable that will mulch or bag within the width of the machine. IMO if Better would make a timed domed deck for the QUICKIE 32" that resembles the Cub wide cut 33" 95% of the 21" mowers in service could be replaced with this machine. Better does not appear to be interested in this idea or not talking if He is.........
  4. Yater

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    I'd go with a quickie 32. Aren't they about the same price? Hell, they probably weigh the same too.
  5. Valk

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    BOP's current sale ends this week.
  6. RGM

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    Its a nice looking mower never used one but I do have a 26'' mower made by Murray before they went out of business. I was told they were made for Gambrils its just all black no name on it and it has a 7 hp Briggs intec. It does a real good job no complaints about it Im sure the metro is a better mower but I paid $300 for this one at a Cummings tool sale a couple of years ago.
  7. Monroe74

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    I have two of the metro 26" and like them both my guys prefer them over any 21" but when mulching you don't really save time with the 26" in my experience you have to go a little slower.
  8. Nick's Lawn Care

    Nick's Lawn Care LawnSite Senior Member
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    I dont have a metro 26 but i was looking into them last summer and I think its too much blade for 5hp... I dont think it will work well mulching it also...

    Just my 2 cents...


    STIHL GUY LawnSite Fanatic
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    look into the quick line of mowers from Better outdoor products
  10. Nick's Lawn Care

    Nick's Lawn Care LawnSite Senior Member
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    No offence, but is there a thread you don’t post in?:laugh:

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