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Metro 26


LawnSite Member
st.augustine FL
I have a small lawn busisness about 15 accounts. Have been using
the toro personal pace mowers. They last about 2 years was thinking
on getting the metro 26 its a little bigger than the toro and was thinking
it should last much longer. Is this a good mower or can someone reccomend
a mower in that size. Any help would greatly appreciated.


LawnSite Silver Member
Somebody please shoot the horse and get the stick.

"seek and ye shall find".. i think that is a well known saying.


LawnSite Member
st.augustine FL
WOW!!! Thanks for the reply. Just joined this site and did a search on
this. Looks like that saved me a lot of grief. Now if I can just figure out
what mower I should get. I don't have a big mower since all my yards
are small. The 26 is such a perfect size for my needs. But I sure won't
get the Metro. Thanks Again