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    I had one sold it. did not like how bag floped at bottom did not fit tight allowing grass to spit out bottom. no problems with transmisson. i wish it had 8hp and let deck offset wheels so if your mowing along curblines wheels dont rub.I dont know if you have different blade for them now but mine did not throw grass to rear of bag well if you cut just a little with it and took bag off grass was right at opening.If you cut on any slope with over one half tank of gas some would come out vent.I cut strickly comm. accounts [trashy] and I did not think it vacuumed as well as others that i have used.I have for years wanted a larger version of a pushmower developed.rearbag,offsetting deck,high-vac ect.this mower is close but not quite there.I have your NAVIGATOR and love it.much better than the 2 walkers i used to have.

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