metro 32 or toro 32?

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by grasscanuck, Mar 14, 2002.

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    I've narrowed my choice to either of these machines, and I am having a hard time making the final purchase decision. I have not used a larger WB before and like the Tbar on the Toro more than the pistols. How much is the upgrade to ECS for the Metro 32?
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    That's a good question that I am uniquely qualified to answer. The Toro 32" walk behind may very well be the second best 32" walk behind on the market. While the Metro 32" is obviously the cream of the crop, especially with the ECS controls.

    Seriously, the 32" fixed deck T-bar and the 32" metro are about as equal as you can get. Your really buying the better dealer support and your preferred drive controls. It's good to have a choice when there is no wrong choice. Two great machines supported by the right dealer is a win in anyone’s book. The ECS control kit will add another $300 to the price of the Metro. Personally I think they are worth it. I just prefer them. Of course I work for Exmark so I would steer you toward the Exmark products.

    If it were my decision I'd seriously look at the ECS controls. They offer more precise turning and better control for me. They also work extremely well on hydros so you won't need to go through a new learning curve if you ever make the move to hydro walk behinds.

    Let me know if you have any further questions.


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    I'm old school pistol grip, but I did test the ECS out in Louisville 2000 show. I like the way it worked. Test out the ECS before you make the buying decision. Also, ask several people that have worked with both dealers what they think of them.
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    i'd go with a metro 36" (actually i did) still gets thru gates and is more productive than a 32. i've got the kohler 15 on it and love it. make sure you get the mulch kit too. it's worth the extra little money. a lot of dealers are still offering it at the $1999 price too.

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