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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by mikemac, Aug 16, 2002.

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    As a homeowner user of a new metro 36 w/ mulch kit, I'm experiencing clumps of cut grass being left behind as I mow, eventualy turning brown and choking out the grass below.

    This is esapecially evident on my fron lawn - a fescue grass
    settings are spindle-3 below, casters-2 below.

    re-cutting a day later does'nt do much to the clumps, and thru the summer I'm trying to cut every 4 days
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    Hey mikemac,

    Thanks for the post. You have the correct number of spacers below the spindle for the mulch kit, so I don't think that is your problem. What kind of blades are you using? Can you describe what they look like to me? Do you need to cut that low or can we raise the cutting height a little bit (i.e. - 1/2" or less)? How much grass are you cutting off each time you mow? How many pounds of pressure do you have in the rear tires? Does it clump and dump all the time, or just when you get in really thick and tall grass? What gear do you cut in? Do you cut at full throttle? Recutting probably will not get rid of the clumps, but I'm confident that there is a logical explanation to what you are seeing.

    This may seem like a lot of questions, but they're all necessary in order to improve the quality of cut of you machine. You can e-mail me your answers at, or you can just create another post here.

    Here to help,

    Exmark Customer Support
  3. mikemac

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    Blades are stock (not even sure if mulch blades come w/ mulch kit), rear tire preassure is "stock"(whatever they delivered it with), but does not appear or act low,Gearing can be between 1 and 3, depending, and there is no different impact on clumping, throttle is I would guess 65% - 75%..I think i'm taking off 1/2" =3/4" on grass that's about 3". The mower does kinda bog down in some heavy areas, but i get the clumps el;sewhere. Height - I'm thinkink of trying an increase o0f 3/16" (is that the small washer?) on the casters, and that will reduce the rake.
    The clumps are about the size of the palm of my hand, and are imply flatish wads of cut grass
  4. eXmark

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    Look at the blades and tell me what they look like. I just want to make sure that you didn't get non-OEM mulching blades. Have you sharpened these blades lately, or are the blades relatively new? How many hours have you cut with the blades?

    Let's try to take some of the rake out. Put three of the 1/2" spacers and one 3/16" spacer below the casters. You could probably keep the 3/16" spacer on top if you really wanted to.

    Set the throttle to full. This may or may not help, but I would experiment with the throttle position. We design our decks to perform best at full throttle, but that doesn't mean that this is the answer for 100% of the lawns out there.

    Try these suggestions and get back to me when you can.

    Talk to you later,

    Exmark Customer Support
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    Make sure you have mulching blades on there. For a quick review, try this page:

    That lists all kinds of blades with pictures. As you can see there is a big difference in the appearance of mulching blades compared to the stock OEM blades. Check your user manual as a reference for the stock OEM part number that came with your mower and you can see exactly whick blades you have.

    I'd also be running at full throttle. I had the same problem initially and I was told to run at full throttle all the time, except for about 2 minutes after starting to let mower warm up and 2 minutes when finished to let mower cool down.

    I know the NOISE of the mower may be very loud, I picked up a pair of PELTOR Worktunes and they work great. I can still hear the bumble-bee-like hum of the mower, but I also get am/fm radio.

    I knew I was in trouble when after cutting for a while, I'd have ringing in my ears. I don't have that any more at all.


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