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  1. First of all want to say Thanks for the support you give here. I have acquired (free) a metro model # m3613KC. It runs and drives well but the deck is bent around the spindle holes. (blades hit back deck baffle on discharge side)#1 What is the easiest way to straighten this deck and would the local dealer have the jig to do it properly.(Zip Code is 77833) #2 Is the deck shell for this model available and if so what is MSRP?(May just purchase shell for convenience) #3 Can you tell me what year the mower is? (Model: M3613KC Serial#:138226) Thank you and look forward to your input.
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    Thanks for the note. First let me say congratulations on your recently acquired mower.

    Second, I would suggest you double-check the deck to be absolutely certain it is bent. It's extremely rare for the 36 to bend but it does happen. The impact it must take however is significant to say the least. I'd double check to make sure the spindles aren't bent just in case. To check the spindles first invest in a new set of blades and bolt them on. Determine if the blades hit tip to tip, rear baffle etc. Also measure from the blade tip to the roof of the mower deck. When you find one tip that is low or high, rotate the blade 180 degrees and measure again. If the irregular measurement follows the blade tip then the spindle is most likely the problem. If the irregular measurement stays in the same place on the deck then the deck is most likely the problem. Also keep in mind that the rear baffle could be the only problem and you may find some damaged sheet metal or a broken weld.

    It's entirely possible your dealer won't have the deck straightening jig but if he/she should have the drawing to make one if they want.

    If you do need a deck shell replace it'll run you about $500 plus freight and labor to install if you choose to have your dealer install it.

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