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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by corycc, Apr 1, 2002.

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    I have a 2001 Metro 36. I also have an older Bunton gear drive. I noticed that nowadays gear drive units all have smaller radius tires than my older Bunton which has the same size tires as my TTHP52. I spoke to a guy at the Textron booth at the Louisville EXPO and he said it was because of some ratio with the transmission. My Bunton has a different transmission than my Metro 36, this being the cause for different tires. I suppose the newer transmission is better, but I sure like the bigger tires my Bunton has over those of my Metro 36. Is this why the tires on gear drive units are so much smaller?
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    This is a really good question. There are a few things that we look at in choosing tires, fit, function, and cost.

    I think the Buntons used the tires that they did to get the ground speed that they needed. The bigger the tire the faster the ground speed, usually. A person also has to factor in pulley sizes and RPMs.

    We do use bigger drive tires the Metro HP but we put bigger pulleys on the tires to keep it the same speed as the Metro. A 10-mph walkbehind may be a little tricky.

    Cost is a big one with the Metro since the unit is very price sensitive. The smaller tires are less expensive in most cases. I know we have had people ask about bigger tires. They go over obstacles easier, which is always good. The other issue we have to deal with is getting it to fit and cut at the proper heights.

    I hope I answered your question, if not let us know.

    Thanks, Fred.

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