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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by 95viper, Apr 29, 2007.

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    Bought my first Exmark, a Metro 36. Only going to use it on my home lawn so at the price I paid it needs to last forever. I will keep it maintained perfectly so I have no worries. I have a couple questions though.

    1. It pulls slightly to the left. I adjusted the drive tensions to make sure the left belt wasn't slipping. Both tire pressures are at 16.5. I searched this forum and read about measuring outside tire diameter. I took a string and sure enough the left one is about an inch less than the right. They are the exact same wheels per the writing on the outside. Do I try to adjust with air or just remove and take them to the dealer?

    2. Question on blade rake because I will be lowering the blades. The rear axle is set to D and the front casters have 2 spacers above and below. Is the only way to adjust blade rake by adjusting the axle and caster spacers?

    Or is blade rake some form of spindle or deck adjustment?

    Thanks, Craig
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    Craig you are right on track with your trouble shooting and deck adjustment. The tracking of the Metro is accomplished by tire size. Tire pressure is the easiest way to correct tracking. An extra 2psi on the left and lower 2psi on the right should get you close.

    With the deck rake you also correct on its adjustment. It can be done with the spacer or the axle depending on your ideal set up. Thanks Fred.
  3. 95viper

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    Adjusting pressure to get circumference to match resulted in no more pulling. Also changed bolt location that spring goes to for belt tension resulted in much easier stress on hands to turm mower.

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