Metro 48 mulching?

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by troberts, Sep 5, 2001.

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    I would like to mulch with my Metro 48". I know eXmark has a mulching kit for this mower. However, my dealer told me that simply adding the mulching blades, and the plate that covers the discharge opening would work fine, and save me some money.

    He also rattled off a few other things that some of the pros are doing (sorry, it went over my head). His point was that there are many ways to get a quality mulch out of the mower, and that eXmark's kit was one of the more expensive ones. He was clearly NOT bad mouthing your kit in any. Perhaps he was simply trying to impress me with his knowledge...

    Anyway, money is not the issue for me. Getting a quality mulch while doing right by my mower is.

    Could you please comment on Metro mulching, and whether or not it is important to stick with the eXmark kit?


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    The baffles are an integral and important part of the Mulching system. Most likely there has been a miscommunication and your dealer would really recommend the baffles.

    Without the baffles the clippings naturally want to migrate from the left side of the deck to the discharge side. Without the baffles all the clippings generated by all 3 blades then travel across the deck until the hit the discharge block off. The clippings the simply fall to the lawn in a pile leaving a long line of clippings in the lawn after each pass.

    The baffles not only prevent the migration of the clipping but they also help ensure the inner airfoil generates enough velocity on the clippings to drive them to the soil level where they become beneficial. If the clippings are left on the top of the lawn they can promote several negative conditions for the lawn.

    My recommendation would be to order the entire mulch kit and use the baffles. In virtually every situation the mulch kit with the baffles should promote a healthier lawn and better mulch quality that mulching without the baffles.

    Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions or comments.

    Thank you

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    This is exactly what happened tp me. The leaves,grass all piled up at the discharge, and left a strip of it where I would be mowing. I bought the mulch kit anfd it works great. Your best bet is take eXmarks advice and get the kit.
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    Great! Now if one of you guys could just call Fred here at the plant and tell him that every once in a while I really do know what I'm talking about things could go a lot easier for me around here.

    I'm glad the mulch kit is working for you. It's our most popular accessory.



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