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metro blade engage problem

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by mikeklein, Aug 1, 2002.

  1. mikeklein

    mikeklein LawnSite Member
    Messages: 47

    I bought a metro 48" with 14hp kawasaki about a month ago,Ibought it from Crescent Springs hardware in Northern KY.Those guys are good with exmarks!When i took it home ,I changed the handle height to the highest position since I am tall,adjusted the brakes and drive linkage,but had some trouble with the blade engage,last week I went to engage and it was very rough(almost stalled the engine).That night I greased the 2 zerks and adjusted the turnbuckle so that when disengaged that little kill switch is fully depressed.Now if I walk away from the mower while in idle,I guess all the vibrartion works the lever foward enough to shut the engine off after about a minute.Also I have noticed the engine gets bogged down easier while cutting,I think the belt needs to be tighter,but that means the lever will sit further forward.If I cant get it adjusted right,I sure the guys at C.S.hardware will adjust it for me.I just wanted to do it myself because Im sure it is an easy fix.This is a good time for this to surface though because we have not had rain since late May!!Thanks for your help.other than this I love my eXmark.It is by far the best W.B. Ive owned.
  2. eXmark

    eXmark Manufacturer / Sponsor
    Messages: 4,258


    Thanks for dropping us a note.

    The blade engagement shutting your machine off is something we do hear from time to time. One thing you can do is give the Nyloc nut and bolt that holds the blade engagement arm to the handle about an 1/8 to a 1/4 turn. This adds a little tension to the pivot and helps prevent the handle from vibrating forward. You can also look at the Aluminum bell crank that's mounted at the left rear corner of the engine deck. Make sure the hairpin isn't touching the engine deck. Often removing the hairpin and sliding it from the other direction will eliminate the problem as well.

    As far as the power goes there's not much on the mower that's going to change that. I'd focus on the air filter, choke adjustment quality of the gas, and spark plugs. After that I'd have the dealer check the engine RPM's. The 14 Kaw for one reason or another will often drop a few rev's and then you'll notice it just doesn't seam to have quite the same power it once did. Adjust the rpm's and it's as good as new.

    As far as the rain goes I'm good but I'm not that good. I'll see what I can do though.



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