Metro cutting height


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My mower is cutting extremely low from the dealer so I have consulted the owner's manual for adjusting help. It seems like the table on page 30 doesn't quite correspond with my tape measure. Can you tell me where I should be with these two setup? The first one came from the dealer and I am getting a lot of scalping and scraping of the deck when I load it onto my trailer. Thanks.

axle pos D - 2 spacers above, 2 below casters ; all blade spacers below spindle

New setup I am using:
axle pos D - 1 spacer above, 3 below casters; all blade spacers
below spindle


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You should be at around 3.75 at that setting. You can raise the cutting height a little more buy moving a couple of spacers to the top of the spindle. I don't generall have less than two spacers below the spindle. As you raise the blade higher and higher into the deck the more restrictive the airflow is and the lower the quality of cut.

It can get a little confusing with all the spacers. Remember this. The more spacers you have below on the casters the HIGHER you'll cut. The more spacers you have below the spindle the LOWER you'll cut. One raises and lowers the deck the other raises and lowers the blade.