Metro Floating vs. fixed deck

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LawnBoy89, Aug 26, 2004.

  1. LawnBoy89

    LawnBoy89 LawnSite Senior Member
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    I've been calling up for prices, and the dealers have been reccomending me the fixed deck without me even saying anything about it.

    It's nice to know that the only thing they care about isn't the price. When then reccomended it I asked about the scalping issue for the 48'' and they all said there would be no difference.

    They did however say that it was alot harder to change the height on the fixed deck. So what do you guys think, will scalping be an issue with the fixed deck metro?

    Also, for those of you guys that know alot about the difference between hydro and belt drive, I was wondering about gradual turns on the belt drive. I know on the hydro you can make gradual turns by just pulling in the lever a little bit, so it just decreases the speed of that one tire. But on the belt drive, can you actually just decrease it, or does it just completely stop that one tire?

    Thanks alot guys, I won't be annoying you for a while after this. My dad said if he gets a good deal we will get it tonight. YEAAAAAAAA!!!!
  2. Doc_77

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    from IL
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    my dealer said the same thing about the viking i bought. < fixed deck 36 >
    if the metro fixed deck is any thing like the viking, you will be wasting your money buying it.
    thats just my opinion though.
  3. naturescape

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    You can do gradual turns on the belt drive. You can still put anti- scalp wheels on the deck if you have someone weld brackets to it. Also, you'll have much less problem with blowout on the fixed deck. I have the TT ECS Hydro 48, but I prefer the "blade bolt through" design on the belt drives.
  4. grass_cuttin_fool

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    Just my opinion, If you are mowing flat city lots then the fixed deck is ok. But if you are gonna be mowing in the country and the yards are not very level then I would go with the floating deck.
  5. MJLsLawnCareNmoreLLC

    MJLsLawnCareNmoreLLC LawnSite Senior Member
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    On a 48" fixed deck you can get some scalping. I rarely do, but it happens. Just never mow across the top of a hill. I have the deck adjusted up as high as I can and dont really have a problem. And yes you can gradually turn the mower with a belt drive. Ex: With pistol grips just lighty squeeze and it will turn easy. Squeeze harder and it will turn sharper. Plus you dont want to turn with one wheel stopped. You want to keep both wheels moving so you dont get tears and swirlees. Use your body and swing the mower so one wheel is moving forward while the other is spinning backwards when turning.

    Doc, I have an older viking and love it. It leaves a beautiful cut and rarely scalps. I am having engine problems with it now, but prior to that its been good to me.
  6. Lou Poco

    Lou Poco LawnSite Member
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    I currently have the metro 48" and mow in the New Haven area. Do not have a problem with scalping. The machine produces a great cut with some stripping. Do not have the pistol grip assembly and very easy to do gradual turns. Just squeeze lightly on one braking lever. Who have you called for pricing? I purchased mine in North Branford, excellent dealer. Good luck!
  7. LawnBoy89

    LawnBoy89 LawnSite Senior Member
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    Yea, I think I may be getting mine from North Brandford too. On Route 80, it's called Giant Oak.

    I have a friend that knows how to weld I'll have him make me some brackets and weld them on, so it will decrease any scalping.

    naturescape, I'm not quite sure what blowout is, so I didn't really understand that part. I hope it isn't as hard as people tell me to adjust the height of cut, although I probably wouldn't have to do it too often, is 3.5 the average cut height?

    Right now I am debating between the pistol grip, and the other, newer style grip. My dad's friend recommended the pistol grip because it protects your hands more. The operating system is the same way, correct?

    Thanks for all the help guys, you helped so much.
  8. LawnBoy89

    LawnBoy89 LawnSite Senior Member
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    I just went there and I ended up getting a Ferris 48'' Ultrabelt. It was a little cheaper, same engine, actually beefier parts such as the belt and everything. I tried out both, they were very similair, and the ferris had a 2 year warrenty compared to a 1 year warrenty on the eXmark.

    I'm going to pick it up tommorow morning because they had to fix the plate where it tells you what gear you're in because it wasn't placed right. I'll let you guys know how it does.

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