metro height adjustment and striping

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by shm, Aug 18, 2003.

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    I know these are dealer questions but I'd like to get some opinions here
    How easy is it to change the height adjustment on the metro?

    How well does it stripe on its own?...or can you put a striping kit on it?

    thanks for the feedback in advance
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    Thanks for the post. The Metro isn't so bad to adjust as long as youÂ’re not adjusting your cutting height more than about an inch. As an example my lawn gets cut at between 2.5" and 3". I never cut higher or lower than that. Those adjustments can be done with the front caster spacers, blade spacers etc.

    You can go to greater cutting height changes with these two adjustments but remember that for the best cut you want about a 1/4" rake and at least two blade spacers below the spindle.

    Often to reach greater cutting height changes you will need to change the rear axle setting to maintain the best quality of cut. In all it only takes a matter of minutes to do all the changes. I'd say the first time figure out what the manuals telling you and actually make the changes it takes about 45 minutes. Once you've done it and understand the process it's not bad at all.



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