Metro (peerless Transmission)


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I have a 48 metro 1997 or 1998 . I have never put any kind of oil or grease in the transmission . This mower has taken a back seat to my other mowers and since it was the first mower I ever owned , I want to make it look new again and rebuild it . What do I fill the tranny with and where . I took off the oil pressure sensing unit and it looked dusty inside. Any help would be appreciated. Chris


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Sorry for the delay in posting.

The peerless gearbox uses a "bentonite" grease available through just about any power equipment dealer. Tecumseh, the manufacturer of the gear box has been using this grease forever.

To properly service the transmission you'll need to remove the shift lever and unbolt the two case halves of the transmission. Then simpley measure the amount of grease in the bottom of the gear box. You should have about 1.5" - 1.75" of grease in the lower case half. The p/n for the peerless/Tecumseh grease is 788067. If you dealer doesn't have any in stock he can order it from any peerless distributor.

While you’re at it you can make life a whole lot easier in the future. The lower case half has two small casting holes below and on either side of the transmission output shafts. These holes are 1/4" in diameter and do not go all the way through the outer wall of the casting. You can use these to insert grease zerks. Simply drill the center of the hole out with a very small drill bit, then tap the casting hole for a 1/4" - 20 thread per inch grease zerk and screw a new zerk into the case. Now you can give trans a shot of grease every now and then. This helps ensure that if you get a leak (they all leak) you won’t run the trans dry.

For the switch I'd add a drop of oil in the mounting hole every time I check the grease level. You can also wipe the "ball" on the switch with oil as well.

Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.