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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by Hawkshot99, Aug 26, 2007.

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    I am looking to get a 48" walk behind. I am willing to get a Exmark, Scag or Bobcat as they are the local dealers. But I do really like the Exmarks.

    I was quoted $4365+tax for a 48" Viking with ECS, and $2999+tax for a 48" Metro with ECS. (This mower is not currently in stock, but have been ordered) If I got the Viking I would also be getting a tow behind.

    Now my question is, is the Viking worth the extra $1700 total? (That amount is out the door prices including a tow behind for the Viking.) I have 15 lawns that I mow, while going to school, but hope to pick up a few more for next year. I would really like the viking, just not sure if it is worth the extra money.

    I am also gonna get price quotes on the comparable Scag, and Bobcats tomorrow when those stores are open.
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    I agree, I really like Exmark too!! I don't think you'll be disappointed w/ either the Viking or Metro. I will mention that you are getting a great price on both units. Viking list price is $4800, and Metro list price is $3100. That's $435 and $100 savings! Have you set up a demo to get your hands on both units?

  3. Hawkshot99

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    Well i bought the Viking today. Now just needs dealer setup.

    I really liked other companies deck adjustment over the Viking, but I absolutely loved the ECS controls. Most of my lawns are the same height so the deck i can deal with. Plus it was the only model I could find in stock, plus cheaper by a long shot.

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