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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Stubudd, Jun 3, 2004.

  1. Stubudd

    Stubudd LawnSite Member
    from Acworth
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    I have a pretty much brand new exmark metro 36' with a velke and bag attachment. For some reason for the last two or three weeks the cuts have started looking really bad, like they kinda slope up to one side. I've been tryin to figure it out, but nothing really works. Obviously I got some new blades first- no change. Next I measured the angle of the little arms that hold the wheels in the front, and it turns out one was a little steeper angle, so one wheel barely touches the ground. I put a couple washers on the bolts that hold the arm to try to even out the angles, and I thought it was going to work because it appeared to level out the deck. Anyways, it didn't. Thick bermuda still shows a slope and I can't figure out what to do. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.
  2. metro-hp_48

    metro-hp_48 LawnSite Senior Member
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    Tire pressure (or rather tire diameter)
  3. Stubudd

    Stubudd LawnSite Member
    from Acworth
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    thanks man but i checked that too any other ideas?
    thanks again
  4. mexiking

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    take it to dealer and tell em ?
  5. dishboy

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    In the Exmark forum there is a thread that reveals how to check for a warped deck or incorect blade alignment. If it is on warranty I would jump on this issue and find out what is going on, you might have to learn how to check this out yourself as most mechanics will not want to spend much time on this kinda problem.
  6. Stubudd

    Stubudd LawnSite Member
    from Acworth
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    thanks guys-
    the cut is smooth its just sloped, and it only shows up in bermuda or zoysia, i guess because other grass isn't thick enough to show. I guess i'll just take it back to the dealer and let them figure it out.
  7. straightlinelawns

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    i have kind of the same problem with my metro 36'' and it is only in bermuda grass also. thats weird. i can't figure it out and i know alot about mowers i service my own and my father has been in the auto repair business for 35 years and he can't understand it either, with all his knowledge. i don't want to take it to the dealer because they don't have a clue about anything and i would be out of a mower for a week with no conclusion. wish someone could figure it out.
  8. packmate81

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    check your fr-on caster guys tend to hit curbs or what not with andtweak them...might be your problom....

    the way i tell is one tire will be closer to the dech than the other...

    HOOLIE LawnSite Gold Member
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    I was having a similar problem with my Exmark for about a month. I still don't know what caused the problem. After exhausting all the obvious causes, I lowered the blades one spacer, and raised the castors up one spacer so its still the same height.

    I guess one blade was not at the right pitch, and lowering them solved the problem. Before I did this the right side was cutting about a half inch higher than the left.

    Try that and see if it helps.
  10. WoodBrothersLC

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    Check the washers for your blades under your deck and make sure you have matching numbers for each blade.

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