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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by MTR, Nov 20, 2002.

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    Hello, I have a few questions regarding adding a sulky to a Metro 36" with 12.5 Kaw/pistol/gear WB. Well, thank you to Exmark that has made me a happier man cutting grass with this 1 month old Metro. Having come up from a 21" Toro WB, the 36" deck is day and night difference and the pistol grip by Exmark is awesome compared to Bobcat and Snapper which is hard to master. The Metro fixed deck is a solid workhorse and the cut is unquestionably beautiful and smooth at 3 7/8 " height. It is a stark difference from the cut of most 21's which don't have enough power to cut smoothly.

    Now I am feeling comfortable enough to go on 4th and 5th gear but I need a sulky otherwise I will be jogging behind this Metro.

    What type of sulky should I be looking for? Is it recommended to add a sulky? I cut solely residential properties mostly with gated pools and waterfall gardens, the 36" is perfect, but down the road I might pick up a bigger yard and may want to stand on instead of walking ...
    so any suggestion? and where to buy?

    Exmark rules

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    Thanks for the post and glad to hear you like the mower.

    Here's the low down on sulkies from a factory perspective. We offer a sit down sulky, which is the only riding attachment that we actually endorse. The sit down sulky works fine but it is a different beast and may not be at it's best in the tight confined areas your currently cutting.

    At stand on sulky is going to be manufactured by one of several "after market" manufacturers who offer a few different variations. Because we don't manufacture these stand on sulkies we really can't endorse or recommend any of them.

    I think your fellow Lawnsite members may be of more help than we can on this subject.

    On a side note; remember the metro drive system will handle the added load of the riding attachment and operator however you must be certain to maintain proper adjustment to the belts and do not shift gears on the go with out clutching or squeezing the drive levers. If you do those two things youÂ’re going to be much happier with your mower and your riding attachment.


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    I have a metro just like that. Its a great mower. We use the 2 wheeled sulky that the wheels turn instead of the center bar. This way you are always behind the mower and never have the controls hitting you in the stomach. This type is "technically" for hydro units, but it works for either. Plus, one day you may buy an eXmark hydro mower with larger deck. You will already have the sulky.

    You can email me and I'll get you the name of what we use. I can't think of it this minute.
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    I have a lesco gear drive 36 w14 hp. I use a "jungle wheels" sulky almost all the time. I think wiht a gear drive that the trailng type of sulky is alittle better like the jungle wheels or velkie. The trailing action seems to actualy help in turning. it seems to take less to make the turn than wihtout the sulky at all.

    I don't have any expierience with the type of sulky the 65hoss menitoned but I do want to try one on a hydro mower.

    I have gotten into some realtight spots with the stand up suly and havent had trouble. remember you can always just step off to the side tomake a tight turn. thats what I like about the walkbehind / sulky set up.
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