Mexi Cans

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by DowntoEarthLLC, Sep 27, 2004.

  1. DowntoEarthLLC

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    Whats the deal with these cheap ass illegal mexicans....

    How do you guys do your books if you have 6 illegal mexicans working for you?

    They all have fake social security numbers... so are taxes being taken out of there checks? Where does this tax money go ? Or do they even get checks?

    Is it all just "under the table" ? I know some of you on here might hate the illegal mexican under the table idea.... but I know plenty of you do it also ....

    Did you know these mexi cans pay 1600 dollars to ride in a truck from the east coast to arizona just to walk across the border.... then back again a couple months later.... geez...

    no wonder white boy labor is becoming a rare breed in the green industry
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  2. AL Inc

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    DTE- were you really expecting a response from someone who is doing something illegal?
  3. Ric

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    I will answer your Bigoted Question with a Bigoted Answer.

    El trabajo del grindo perezoso no es ningun bueno. El trabajador de Spainish hace mucho dinero.

    Guess what nationality I am? BTW I am also 13 generations American and a member of the Sons of the American Revolution.
  4. desertrat

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    Living here in Tucson Arizona, much of the green industry labor is mexican. I have heard that they have SS#'s, and that taxes are taken out. I have also heard that much of labor is cash. I have a friend in the business that tried to use white guys but gave up after going through a lot of guys that didn't work hard, and didn't know what they were doing. He now uses mexicans, as they work much harder, pay attention to detail, and overall do a much better job.Oh, and they aren't meth heads. I asked him about the ethical implications of using illegals, and he said it is the only way to stay competitive, make money and create quality landscapes. Not sure how I feel, but he has a point.
  5. DowntoEarthLLC

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    wow. the replys were alot more civil in this Forum.

    I'm being read wrong. I wasn't clear enough.

    I have no problem with mexicans or any other race.
    I fully know and appreciate their trabajo.

    I now realize it was a bad question to begin with. But I was talking about , how do these companies get away with using ILLEGAL mexicans. They can way underbid anyone else because half their workforce is working for 5.50 and hour.

    That was mearly the point I was trying to get across. Dumb question.
  6. DowntoEarthLLC

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    from VA
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    I even tried putting a positive sound into this thread...

    Mexi Cans. Not Mexi Can'ts

    I ment no disrespect. Just disguntled ness.
  7. Turf Medic

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    Quite possibly it is your reference to "cheap ass illegal Mexicans" that make people like myself read between the lines and come to the conclusion that you are a red neck, kkk wannabe with a 8th grade education, that is feeling a need to bash some non-whites, if that is not the case, please accept my apology for mis-judging you.

    You are correct there are many illegals working in several industries in the United States. There are also many legals working here, sucks that because of skin color they are all grouped together and judged by people like you.

    As far as how employers handle it, most employers probably aren't aware that they have illegals, or if they are their butts are covered because the illegal has spent 300 to 500 with some white boy to get a fake id and fake social security card.

    With these in hand they are able to get a job, pay federal, state, and city taxes, pay social security, and medicaid. Unknown or ignored by most bigots is the fact that since they are illegal, and have fake documents they are unable to file a federal, or state tax return to get refund or the earned income credit. Because of this, they more often than not pay more in taxes per dollar earned than the average white boy. Also since they are illegal they do not feel safe going in for the free medical care that you keep hearing they get by being poor, not able to get help with daycare, housing, or food stamps.

    As far as the white boy becoming a rare breed in this industry, it is the work ethic of the Mexican laborer compared to the work ethic of the average white boy that is causing the white boy problems. Can you imagine an average white boy paying $1600 dollars to ride in the back of a crowded truck and paying another 300 to 500 for documents, to get even a $10 hour job. Knowing that if he were to get caught working he could be jailed and deported, don't think so. Most white boys are more interested in quitting time, break time than they are what the job requires, the ones that are not so inclined are more than likely starting their own LCO.

    The Mexican people as a group are a very hard working people that appreciate having a job that will pay as much for one hour as they made in Mexico for the entire day. If you show them any respect they will return it to you 10 times as much.
  8. Rex Mann

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    I live in Phoenix where many many Hispanics now call their home. As an employer you have to file the proper tax forms with SS# and all the other stuff. You do all the work and send in the forms as the government requires. If one gives you a bogus ss# it takes the government 2-years (no joke) to let you know that someone MAYBE using a false ss#. As a small business owner I do not have the means or resources to do a real time ss# check or have documents checked for authenticity by an expert.

    You can buy false documents for the USA or Mexico on many street corners. They just busted 25 people in the DMV selling real driver licenses to illegals and others. Prices went from $600 to 3500.00.

    And, why do a lot of people think immigrants, legal or illegal, will work for $5.00 hour?

    Also, if you do have an illegal with fake documents and they take out the taxes, they never see that tax refund or social security because they are illegal and can not file for it.



  9. DowntoEarthLLC

    DowntoEarthLLC LawnSite Member
    from VA
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    Well glad I could get a real conversation about this. I know mexicans are hard workers. I work with them all day long. They are some of the most sharing/family people I know. And they always have good mexicans lunches.... I'm not a redneck bashing other cultures. Far from it. Just irritated about how they can just mosey across a border and start work and then leave to go back to mexico with american money. Yes it does show their drive. It does show their will. It does show how hard they are willing to work. Little pay, Hard work. All of which are great qualities.

    I know there are plenty of Legal mexicans and other spanish type immigrants here in this country. We would be in trouble with out them. I have no problem with them.

    Just ILLEGALS coming into my country and working for dirt cheap and the american business men who hire them. But I guess I'm beating a dead horse....

    Viva La Mexicano
  10. Turf Medic

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    It appears that one should be pissed off at the American "businessman" that is taking advantage of the illegal. I am quite confident that there are some fine upstanding Americans that knowingly hire illegals and take advantage of the fact that they are here illegally, by paying substandard wages and lining their own pockets.

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