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Mexicans are absolutely killing me!


LawnSite Senior Member
ft worth texas
I've got (had) a virtually monopoly in this one particular neighborhood where I have over 20 lawns for 8-9 years. They're all within walking distance and I make a killing financially. However recently there's been a group of mexicans walking door to door 'selling' their services. Over the past month they've stolen 8 of my regular weekly customers. This is just a killer.

The thing is these guys are mowing the lawn, pulling the weeds, and trimming the shrubs each week for LESS than I charge to just mow! ($25). I know business is business and everyone has the right to price however they want (See Wal-Mart)....but they're bringing the whole damn industry down with them.

Of course they probably live in a single apartment with 5 of their amigos, so they have virtually no overhead. I'm not liking this pattern.


LawnSite Silver Member
largo, FL
Cant stand these sob's that cannot respect another mans workplace. Problem with these mexicos are 1) They dont know how little they are charging...to them it is making a killing and 2) They will work hard as hell for a few pennies, how are we supposed to compete?


LawnSite Senior Member
Petition your city council for strict enforcement of business license laws , insurance standards, and the like.
If there are doubts as to the legality of their presence in the United States, just drive by and pretend to take pictures. :laugh:


LawnSite Member
:cool: Sell the fact that you are licensed and insured. Most people dont want illigal alliens working on their porperty, unless the forman is legal and can speak english.

Look for higher end customers.


LawnSite Senior Member
spokane, wa
I would start making phone calls, taking pictures (for IRS, Welfare Dept, for INS)...did you know that they buy vehicle with fake SS#s...oh, yes sir reeeeee bob! I took one account from a hispanic group by upselling my work, etc...the were doing shoddy chop job work...I eat that up and point it out to customers...don't get angry, get even in a legal way...you would be surprised the stuff you can stir up... :cool2:


LawnSite Member
I am not in the lawn biz (but looking into it), but that is all I see here on the Texas coast as well. They are the Wal-Mart of the lawn industry. Not only are they hurting reputably lawn business, the $$ they make is being sent south of the boarder. So they are hurting our economy two fold. I am not sure what licenses are required in Texas, but If this was my sole income I dam sure would be looking into there operations and turning them in if they are not legit.
On another note this is one hellofa good site that I have throughly enjoyed reading and learning. Sorry, for my first post seeming bit-chy but the subject of illegals taking American jobs rubs me wrong.


LawnSite Fanatic
You can thank this administration and the rest of the washington crowd for failure to enforce immegration law and supporting open borders to provide cheap labor for the corporations.

Envy Lawn Service

LawnSite Fanatic
North Carolina
These lowballers just happen to be Mexicans.
Even if you were to find a way to undermine their operation....
Some white, black, yellow, red lowballers will happen along soon to replace them.

This industry is really taking it from all directions, including immigration.
This lowballing crap is really cutting deep.
This along with the long list of other problems is why this industry continues to make ZERO headway...

I don't see an end to it in sight.
From where I am sitting, I now thing it's a lost cause just to be honest.
Therefore, the only hope for most of us is to find a way to 'hedge' against it somehow.

Scotts' Yard Care

LawnSite Senior Member
This is why the whole country is rapidly going down hill. Those in power either outsource your job or import cheaper labor to take it away from you. We're on a downhill slide and I see no change in the near future. Bare bones
and the willingness to cut your prices to keep them competitive with everyone else or find another line of work. I really don't know what else to do since we see new yard services daily in our area.