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    Hi all, need some help. Ive been trying to get my meyer quick lift 60 to work and its just not happening. It raises and lowers fine. Turns to the left but not the right. The hoses were tight and hard to remove. So i replaced 1 hose and both quick connects. Now it goes up & down but only to the right. When left is engaged it turns right as well. Hoses not as stiff as before but alittle bit. Manual says to check the "c" cartridge so i replace that. No difference. I know there has to be blockage somewhere. Any ideas?? I know its not the plow itself because i hooked a different pump to it and it worked fine.
    Thanks for the help!

    Mark A Musolf
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  3. CT18fireman

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    There is a crossover valve in the distribution block. This can become jammed.
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    Could also be a problem\blockage in the Pilot Check Valve. See page 37 - 38 in your manual. Maybe before doing that (if you didn't already) do oil change & clean the filters first & see what happens.

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