Meyers Cross Conveyor


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Anybody every use one of these before? Are they worth while for the cost? What type of material have you used this for in the past and how did it work? Just looking for any information on them other then on their website. Let me know! Thanks.


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Looking to use it for mulch, topsoil, stone etc., out the side of the truck should work and looks to be high enough to go into wheel barrows so I don't have to dump the whole load. Just wondering if they actually work as they say the will.


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Brookfield, CT
They are a lot of money new. I bought an old swenson one (where the meyers came from) being sold by a muni.

Needed a lot of new bearings etc. My plan is to convert it to electric and then have a switch right on it as well as a master in the cab. Then the guys can come up with the wheelbarrows and hit the switch to get the load they need. I want to use it on my rackbody for same things, mulch, stone, etc. T