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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by pbjunkie92, Aug 11, 2011.

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    Hello folks. I recently started a small landscaping business and have most of the formalities taken care of (insurance, trade name, Taxes etc.) however it has come to my attention that I need a MHIC license just to plant shrubs. My problem is this...they require 2 years experience. I have never worked in the home improvement field full time. My neighbor owns a small contracting company and often times I worked with him just for the knowledge or in trade for letting me use his equipment on landscaping jobs. What does the commission require for proof? Can he write a letter on company letterhead stating I interned or volunteered for him for this time?

    Any help is appreciated

  2. .... hmmmm... how do you demonstrate experience if you're not allowed to do it and gain experience? Is it basically a requirement to "work for someone else for 2 years" to plant shrubs?

    That seems a little ridiculous.
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    Well it's a common requirement in many states for "skilled trades". Here in FL some trades require 2000 hours verifiable experience under a licensed contractor plus a state test. A GC requires 5 years with 2 of them as a foreman. Now some may argue landscaping is not a "skilled" trade. Personally I feel these laws are written more as a consumer protection device than to road block small business. You may get away with a letter from your neighbor, but if they request payroll or timekeeping records the jig is up.:usflag:
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    Some in NC are trying to implement a "Licensed Landscape Contractor" designation. It's failed several times, so far.

    If you look at the website for these "Licensees", it's pretty obvious who they're trying to protect. For starters, it's a $500 annual licensing fee.

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