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Mi Lawn Toyz

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Some digital pictures I have taken of my equipment.

Truck & Trailer
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Toro Z 150 (changing blades)
Nice clean shop

Is that the only way to change blades on a Z ?
Stuff in garage
Blade Grinder
Inside Trailer
Inside Trailer (2)
Inside Trailer (3)
Overhead Cabinets (1)
Overhead Cabinets (2)
Lawn Toys Lined up
Another shot of Cabinets with the doors closed
Newest toys (with truck)..

I paid more for the HP than I did for the Vette
Glan.. That probably is not the only way to change blades but I find it the easiest..

Bob R

All I have is Walker, deck flips up. Just wondering.

Nice Vette......89, 90?
Glan.. Vette is an 85 with 58K on the clock, one of the local Chevy dealers is retiring and liquidated some of his toys, I saw it (and bought it) the first day it was on the lot.
Bob R
Nice set-up - all the way around. Bob, if I may suggest? Please set your jackstand higher and just rest the front of the deck on it. This would be MUCH more stable. You seem like too nice of a guy to have anything bad or tragic happen to you.;)
Bob, as pointed out by Runner please move the jack stands. You are using them, which is great as even though it seems impossible the chain host can give way. Rather be safe then squished!

Jack Stand point well taken, I have tested them in this position by lowering the mower onto them but if the hoist failed and dropped the mower quickly I might be in trouble from now on I will position them closer to the front of the deck..
Thanks for pointing it out.
1 - 20 of 37 Posts
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