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    my question is why do you keep deleating peoples email address from threads??? i reviewed the rules on here and no where does it say we are not allowed to put out email addresses down. ill quote rule number 7
    so whats the problem then???? if this is not the case then you guys need to edit the rules to reflect it.
  2. Michael J. Donovan

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    Rule # 15 also states "LawnSite.com staff has the right to edit or delete any information at any time posted by any member of this forum."

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    all i saying is if we are not allowed to post them at al then the rules need to be changed to reflect this, also why does it matter if we post or email????? were allowed to post numbers but nor email??? doesnt make sence.
  4. Michael J. Donovan

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    I just sent you a PM...please read that.


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    so why not make a disclaimer that states "lawnsite is not responsible for any spamming you may recieve by you posting your email address" i see where your coming from but come on its alittle rediculous.
  6. Michael J. Donovan

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    I see what you are saying also and I will look into your request.

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    well sorry i made a big deal over nothing but im an admin on another vb based forum, and have never ever seen this ruler before, lol thats why i was confused as to why.

    as a matter of fact we have some really useful rules that would greatly help this forum, ill throw this out to you while were talking.

    here are our for sale rules.

    Selling on the iMadza Forums is a privellage, not a right. That said, there are a few things you must take into consideration before posting an item for sale on the Forums. The following rules are REQUIRED and must be met by every seller without exception. Failure to comply by any of the following will result in the closure of the for sale ad. The ad will remain closed until the seller can meet all requirements. Multiple offences will result in a loss of selling privelages on the iMazda Forums. It is the members responsiblity to read and familiarize themselves with said rules. Only a forum Administrator has the ability to exempt a seller from any one requirement. This is done at their own discretion. These rules have been set in place to protect both the buyer and the seller from fraudulent actions which have occured in the past.

    Rules for selling an item on the iMazda Forums as of 2006-08-06

    If you are posting an item for sale, you MUST include an actual picture of the item, not a 'universal' picture found elsewhere.
    Included in the picture you MUST also includde a sheet of paper with the following information written on it; iMazda,User ID and the current Date

    If you are selling multiple items, you must include a picture of EVERY item and the ID sheet must be included with every item.You can only sell items currently in your possession.

    Your location MUST be listed.

    If you are selling car parts, the car which the part applies to MUST be listed.
    You MUST have an asking price. Do NOT say "Make an offer"

    Terms of sale and payment are required. You may choose to have the buyer send you a private message for payment transaction details.
    You MUST ship items that are tracable. If you are in the US, USPS' "Delivery Confirmation" system is the most cost effective way. If you are shipping items internationally, EMS is a common tracable way to ship quickly. There maybe other cost effective, tracable shipment options, so please check with your country's post office! An exception to this can only be made if both parties consent to forgoing shipment tracking and validated. The exception is only validated upon both parties contacting a moderator to have this on record.

    NO editing of ads unless you are writing additional information. You may NOT change the content of the ad. Error corrections are allowed up to a reasonable extent. If you sold your item, post a comment in your ad stating so. Do NOT edit your ad after you sold your item! Excessive abuse of the edit feature may result in disabling of the feature for ALL users and will result in banning of the abuser from the system.
    You may change the price in your ad only if you're lowering the price of your sale. You may NOT increase the price of your ad.
    Detailed information about the item being sold is REQUIRED
    What is the product you are selling?
    What condition is it in?
    Is there any additional information that potential buyers should be made aware of? (if you are selling a car, how many miles does it have, does it need any major mechanical or body work, etc)
    Do not sell pirated software or any copied materials.


    By submitting a for sale thread, you agree to the following terms:
    This site is not responsible for any payments towards your ad.
    This site is not responsible if your ad does not go as planned.
    Your ad does not contain any inappropriate or otherwise harmful content.
    This site is not responsible for any fraud, transaction errors, and loss of shipments

    these would make it sooooooo much easier and if they were implemented there would be no need to post email addresses.
  8. Michael J. Donovan

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    thanks for the info...will pass this along and see what can be done

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    no problem man
  10. Sean Adams

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    The rule in that forum is you are not permitted to post email addresses. LawnSite made the rules the way they are for a reason. We appreciate your input. If you want to contact someone you can use the PM system of the site or you can call them if they list their number.

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