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    any coments on it?Services affected by new tax

    Updated: Oct 1, 2007 11:37 AM

    LANSING -- Governor Granholm approved the house's bill to add taxes to several services in Michigan Monday morning.

    The services listed in the bill include:

    ·Carpet and upholstery cleaning services

    ·Business service center services

    ·Consulting services

    ·Investigation, guard and armored car services

    ·Investment advice services

    ·Janitorial services

    ·Landscaping services

    ·Office administration services

    ·All of the following personal services:

    -Astrology services

    -Baby shoe bronzing services

    -Bail bonding services

    -Balloon-o-gram services

    -Coin-operated blood pressure testing machine services

    -Bondsperson services

    -Check room services

    -Coin-operated personal service machine services

    -Comfort station operation services

    -Concierge services

    -Consumer buying services

    -Credit card notification services

    -Dating services

    -Discount buying services

    -Social escort services

    -Fortune-telling services

    -Genealogical investigation services

    -House sitting services

    -Social introduction services

    -Coin-operated rental locker services

    -Numerology services

    -Palm reading services

    -Party planning services

    -Pay telephone services

    -Personal fitness trainer services

    -Personal shopping services

    -Coin-operated photographic machine services

    -Phrenology services

    -Porter services

    -Psychic services

    -Rest room operation services

    -Shoeshine services

    -Singing telegram services

    -Wedding chapel services, but not churches

    -Wedding planning services

    ·Other travel and reservation services

    ·Scenic transportation services

    ·Skiing services

    ·Tour operator services

    ·Warehousing and storage services

    ·Packaging and labeling services

    ·Specialized design services

    ·Transit and ground passenger transport services

    ·Courier and messenger services

    ·Personal care services

    ·Service contract services in which the seller, in exchange for the buyer's single payment, agrees to provide repair, maintenance, or replacement of 1 or more items of tangible personal property during a specific period of time, which services the buyer is not required to buy in connection with the purchase of tangible personal property.

    ·Security system services

    ·Document preparation services

    ·Miniwarehouse services and self-storage unit services
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    dont know about Mi. but donw here in Texas our tax rate is 52%

    and it looks like we LCO's will be collecting tax shortly..

    ours in a PITA... we have to pay for the service......

    meaning we have to collect the tax from our services then pass it along to the IRS and pay a fee to do this.....
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    All I can tell you is it will be nothing but a pain to handle taxes just like a retail store. Means we will need a tax id and report at least quarterly.

    I can't wait!..........NOT!
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    mich is going down quick....i thinkin
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    "a friend will bail u out of jail.....but a true friend will be sitting there w u "saying dude that was awsome"

    Roflmao,, been there done that , got the orange t-shirt to prove it hehehehehehe

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