Michelin or Bridgestone Tires

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Gravel Rat, Jul 27, 2003.

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    Hi guys I was wondering what you would choose I will be in the market for steer tires for a F-350 4x4 Flatdeck. I was thinking about the Michelin XPS Traction or the M-773 Bridgestone which is a commercial light truck A/T.

    I want a tire that is gonna last I never used the XPS traction before and for the price of them 210 dollars Canadian I don't want tobe replacing them 6 months down the road.

    The rear tires will be Bandag Commercial Traction Deep recaps so I'am not worried about the tires matching buying 6 new tires would put a guy in the poor house.

    My trucks spend most of the time in 2wd the 4 wheeldrive is only gonna be for when ever I need the extra traction I wouldn't be offroading with this truck. The truck spends 80% on paved roads and the other 20% is navigating the tough dirt driveways and construction sites.

    Has anybody used the M-773 Bridgestones and what they are like ?

    I thought about using the Michelin M/S but I'am worried about the when I do need 4wheel drive the rear tires are gonna have a considerable bite being traction tires and the front tires will spin too easy because the M/S is a rib style tread.

    Is it hard on the transfercase or the driveline if the front wheels spin easier than the rear ?

    Like I said before 3/4s of the time I can get out of areas in with 2wd the 4wheel is for the cases where 2wd is not quite enough traction. So I will run a traction tire on the back and the Bandag CTD work great or I will run Hawkins Tread which is a recap with M-55 Toyo Tread pattern.

    Sorry for rambling on but what do you think ?
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    Personally, in my opinion, yadiyadayada.... yes I have one too. I will NEVER, EVER, buy anything but the Michelin LTX tire again. I have had both the M/S and A/T. I prefer the A/T. It's not quite the same tire as the M/S in the snow (this would be obvious). It doesn't quite self clean as well as the M/S; however, sand, soft dirt, wet grass, etc... does really well! I truly like the Michelin because it has a heavy duty casing; probably the heavies I have ever seen in any tire. The side walls in these things are thick. IF you lay a Michelin side by side on its side and you'll definitely see a difference in the profile. The main reason why I like the thicker side wall is with the heavier loads, it takes a lot of the side roll out of the tire; much firmer ride. I know, but it's a truck, I expect it to ride somewhat like a tank.

    You are right. Michelin is a bit pricey. My last four, I only paid $170.00 a piece. The new truck came with Bridgestones, I'm not sure if they are the same tire your looking at though. I can honestly say these things are coming of ASAP! The only downside to the Michelin LTX is the largest they make is a 16" so the highest load rating I get is the E. I would really like to get the higher load rating, like an F or G but to accomplish that I have to go to a 19" tire. Good Luck! Hope this Helps.

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    Well its probaby worth shelling out the money for the Michelins I know the LTX M/S is a good tire and works good for a steering application. The only time I need the extra traction of 4 wheeldrive is when the truck is M/T if the wheels are spinning with more than 2000lbs on the truck I shouldn't be there :eek:

    I'am a general contractor that deals with mostly trucking hauling small loads of Sand and Gravel, topsoil etc I also haul lumber,demolition debris,brush and rubbish removal.

    The driveways here range from easy to extremely tough to navigate the tough ones are the loose soft gravel and steep so climbing back out can be a challenge. Its the steep ones I have troubles with getting down them is fine its getting back out especially if I just dropped off a load of lumber and the truck is M/T.

    I also deliver to the cabins on the local lakes here the access roads are hydro roads that are borderline 2wd passable some of the places they get me todo I have trouble with.

    I haven't found a 1 ton 4x4 with the right wheelbase yet most trucks out there forsale need tires when you buy a truck so I want to have a decision made prior. So when it does come time to getting tires I know what I want and get them ordered and the way I go.

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