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    Just wondering how you guys in michigan charge? I mowed a few years ago just for extra money now I want to get into it more. But my problem is I never really had a set way of charging people. Id just glance at a lawn and say ahh 25.00 or 35.00 what have you. Well then I wound up having lawns that take me an hour and I would only be getting 25.00 for and others that took me 30 minutes and I was getting 35.00 for them. So I guess I am looking for a different way to charge so I come out close to the same prices for propertys of the same size or so. Hope that came out how I meant.!!

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    You have to know first of all what it costs you to operate per hour or day. some of the things to think about in this cost are insurance,equip,maint., gas, many other things. Then what kind of profit you need as well. If you dont have insurance GET IT!!!

    1 of the ways you could then figure out how to price after doing all of the above is figure how long it will take you to the job: lets say it will take you 20 minutes to do the job mow edge trim and blow, your cost to operate is $60.00 per hour including profit then you could price it at $20.00. these figures I just pulled out of my head.

    I can tell you that around here most LCO's try to get $1.00 per minute so if your costs to operate or way low and you feel you dont need to charge that much then so be it. I recommend that you charge the going rate as not to hurt the industry around you or yourself!!!!!Yes that means that you will loose some jobs to the competition but so be it why not get paid what its really worth and if your cost are low then you have more profit and more money for new equipment or maint. or whatever you want to do with it.....lol good luck:D hoped this helped you
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    Don't make the mistake of settling for a price lower than what you would normally charge just to get a customer. Get yourself quality accounts from the start instead of trying to gain quantity.

    I am based out of St. Johns about 80 miles straight south of you. I try to get $50 an hour for mowing. I am one of the most expensive around here. Maybe someday I can reach the magical $1 a minute mark. That would be sooo nice.

    Good luck to you Brother.
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    I average $1.00 a min which includes windsheild time, $25.00 min to drop the gate

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    I use a book by charles vander kooi called biding and production/labor times it was the best $75 I ever spent it tells you how much you should charege for your equipment and how long it will take you to cut,trim,edge,differrant size properties then get a measuring wheel and wheel out all properties and charge accordingly. Nielson Associates sell these book and if you follow this book you cant go wrong. As for my prices this book helped me reach the connclusion that I must charge $1.25 per min. or $75.00 per hr. that is with A 2man crew that breaks down to $37.50per.man hr. The national average for the Green Industry is $38.50 per. man hr. Hope this Helps its the first yr. Ive followed this book and my bizz is SKYROCKETING!!!!!!!!!

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    Well if you are using a wheel to measure out your lawns how much per sq footage do you charge?

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    I only use the wheel to get the sq footage them refferance it with the times for cutting, trimming, edging and blowing. Example for 20,000.sq.ft with a 48" mower should be 1hr. Weedeating 3,200sq. ft. should also only be 1hr. Edging 3,200sq. ft. also 1hr. so if I sent out a 3man crew and they did a prperty of this size in 1hr. the charge would be $ 112.50 I dont charge by the sq. ft. I sell my time to service a property it would be $112.50 X (28)wks.=$3150.00 for season therefor your monthly price would (6)mo. payments of $525.00 Ive been winning them like this. Not to say this will work for everyone but with good people skills and the ability to sell. Im not changing a thing.
    Steve@ Heavenly Grreenscapes LLC :)
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    hi im brad i live in walker michigan
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