Michigan guys, when are your flyers going out?


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I had thought this nice weather here would generate some calls, but nothing. I have 5,000 color flyers coming next week friday, so are you putting them out now, or waiting another week or two? I'm also trying to time the 17,000 paper inserts as well. I need that to be timed just right.


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A2, Michigan
I'll start advertising later this month. Mid March, maybe. Not looking for a ton of new people, but a few. They pretty much come to me. My phone book ad works well for that stuff.

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I've done some bidding, but that's about it. I will wait until late March to send out flyers, but I will be sending my current customers a letter this week......letting them know about our new services, payment plans, service agreement etc. I always like to get to them before their mailbox gets stuffed with 150 lawn care flyers

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