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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MartinsMowing, Oct 26, 2006.

  1. MartinsMowing

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    anyone from michigan kno of any laws that forbid me(being 17) to operate a walk behind. Im trying to get a 36 and my mom is starting to get on my nerves. and even if there was a law for under age, i doubt anyone would go about enforcing it, im sure i look 18 also, facial hair is a + lol
  2. bigjeeping

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    You may need a walkbehind endorsement on your driver's license, other that that I think you'll be in the clear.
  3. dcondon

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    Maybe a hazmat also. Just in case you run over some just laid dog poop.
  4. Jason Pallas

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    Don't forget your Lawn Tech Certification Card. YOU'LL DEFINTELY need that if you're stopped and they do a registration check.
  5. Runner

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    Dog GONE! THIS state is HARD on them young-uns! Also, I wouldn't worry too much about the haz-mat thing. Actually, it would be under the bio-hazard category of haz-mat, but you shouldn't have to worry about that too much unless you'r transporting it. As long as ou rinse your tires off, I think you'll be alright.

    On a serious note though, kid...You are being razzed by a great bunch of guys and they WILL help you in the long run.
    There is no law preventing you from operating a mower. Oddly, if you worked for someone else, there are labor safety laws addressing this issue and prohibiting it. For yourself, I don't think anyone is going to call the L.E.A. (Lawnmower Enforcement Agency) on you. :) I have a customer who's son is getting into the lawn maintenance business (this is his second year), and he's doing well. You let your mother know that in this day, any time a kid,...-no,...a PERSON is willing to go out and make an honest living at an honest days work, then they should be commended. It's not easy at your age, I know. While many of your friends are hanging out at the mall, spending all mom and dad's money, or hanging out downtown, YOU'll be out MAKING money - and doing it at something you enjoy. You tell your mom, that if she has any questions, that she can come and ask us...me especially. We'll be HAPPY to help you out with whatever wecan (and believe me...it's a whole WORLD of information. I can guarantee you to make good oney...WAY better money than the other people you know will be making at Burger King and the Gap.
  6. MartinsMowing

    MartinsMowing LawnSite Member
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    thanks guys, jw about the walkbehind endorsement and the lawn tech cert.? never heard of either. Im assumming i would aquire the endorsement at secretary of state. According to Runner there are no laws so i should be in the clear? I need to get a mower so i can dip my feet into pro lawn maintenance next season while im still in high school. I dont think college is for me, ive been wanting to work on cars for a year or two, but i dont seem very intersted anymore. But, i do love my job mowin lawns! and im determined to be successful in the green industry. I believe that you can make a good living in this industry without going to college. Everyone says that college is the way to go, but id rather take a more risky and bumpy road over working for someone and makin them rich any day.
  7. MartinsMowing

    MartinsMowing LawnSite Member
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    btw Runner, thanks for the advice and helpful support, im sure there will be many questions ill have that i can throw your way.
  8. Runner

    Runner LawnSite Fanatic
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    It's quite alright...you're welcome. YOU DO need to know, though; The money is not in mowing lawns. The money is in growing and running a business.
    Also, just so you know,...do NOT go to the Secretary of State and ask for a lawn mower endorsement. These guys were just funnin' ya. Now, the lawn tech. certification card, there is such a thing, but it is something different. this is for a person who is doing pesticide applications for a company. This will not apply to you.
    Sorry guys.....I guess we could have let this greenhorn go for awhile....:laugh:
  9. dcondon

    dcondon LawnSite Silver Member
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    I feel bad now!!! No harm done I guess:usflag:
  10. Eclipse

    Eclipse LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Well said!

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