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Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by tiedeman, Sep 4, 2003.

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    WANTED-----> 60-66" ztr. Low hours well taken care of. No problems and ready to mow.If you have one please let me know soon. I have about a week to buy one. Thank you. 517-719-1354

    on a side note.....I just got done with my state wide traning and PLEASE secure your mowers this year. load securment was a big issue and will be focused on alot!!!! You still will have til Jan 09 to get your DOT numbers on the side of your vehicles but need your company name right now.
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    D&R.. PM Sent - I have a 61 bobcat for sale.
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    are you implying we need our company names on all our vehicles? i knew about the dot# but why are we being forced to put our names on the trucks also?
  4. Eclipse

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    If you are a licensed pesticide applicator you need you name and number on your truck and/or trailer.
  5. d&rlawncare

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    Sec. 723.

    (1) All commercial vehicles with a single or combination gross weight rating or total gross weight of more than 5,000 pounds and all towing or platform bed wrecker road service vehicles in operation upon the public highways of this state shall have the name, city, and state or the registered logo or emblem of the registered owner of the vehicle, and lessee of the vehicle if the vehicle is being operated under lease, painted or permanently attached on each side of the vehicle in letters of not less than 3 inches in height, not lower than the bottom edge of the door. This information shall be in sharp color contrast to the background.
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    "Painted or permanently attached" So magnets are not acceptable?

    What if I have this info attached to the removealbe sideboards on my dump. This would technically not be permanent but might this be acceptable?
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    1st to be completely legal what all do you need with you when driving
    1fire extinguser
    2working lights
    do you need a special licence ( i heard you need a showfers licence)?

    2 anyone no where i can get rubber mulch particals for like a play ground in OAKLAND COUNTY?
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    Dude, hit spell check before you reply.
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    Angelo's carries rubber mulch.
  10. bigjeeping

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    I've been pulled over enough by Motor Carrier Enforcement I think I can answer this very well..

    First you need to ask yourself if what you are driving is a COMMERCIAL MOTOR VEHICLE?

    A CMV is defined as a truck or truck/trailer combination with a combined GVWR exceeding 10,000lbs.
    This means if you drive a Jeep Cherokee and Pull a 12' trailer, you are CMV. Likewise if you drive a F-350 and pull a 12' trailer you are also a CMV.

    So pretty much, no matter what you are pulling your trailer with, you are consider a COMMERCIAL MOTOR VEHICLE (unless your combined GVWR is under 10,000lbs)

    To operate a commercial motor vehicle in the State of Michigan you need:
    1) DOT MEDICAL EXAM CARD (The police call it a "medical card")

    Your truck needs:
    1) Fire Extinguisher Permanently Attached (I have been ticketed for not having it screwed down to the truck!)
    2) 3 Emergency Triangles
    3) Business Name, City, and State on Doors of Truck
    4) US DOT Number on doors of trucks (not in full enforcement yet)
    5) All truck and trailer lights fully functional (I have had my trailer impounded for having non-functional lights)

    One last thing.. which may come as a surprise, but Michigan Department for Trucking Safety told me its the law (and so did the officer!)

    6)All CMV's must have an annual DOT inspection sticker. (Yes, I have even been ticketed for this.. It's $150 ticket)

    Yes, its a pain in the butt that we need all this... but in the end, having all of the above requirements met means that the road is going to be safer :hammerhead:

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