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Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by tiedeman, Sep 4, 2003.

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    that really stinks for barret, Check Around state fair and hayes area, that were most of the stuff heads too. Warren police told me its a hot spot for stolen equipment.
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    thanks for all the helpfull info guys. I am not very experienced at how long it takes for me to trim bushes so that is why i was trying to charge per bush until i can just look at a job and know how long it will take. As far as the spring cleanups, i don't have a lot of accounts beings i am doing it part time until i build up, so i just get all the debris and dump at my city dump for free up to i beleive 8 times/year so i don't really have a dump fee at this time that I have to pay. How much do dump fees run in case i need them? As far as my drive time i actually don't have much drive time at all. Out of 17 accounts only 4 are farther than a mile from me. I have a 48" walk behind that i just got and am getting used to over the next week or so i should be better i am only mowing in like 1 or 2 gear lol. But last year i was done with my average size lawn with a 21" in about 45min if i was cruising without interuption. so i thing most of my lots are about 60x120.
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    Yeah, your prices sound right for those size lots. Good to hear you moved on from the 21. You cant make any money doing those size lots with a 21. You should be able to cut most of your lawn in 4th gear with a sulky on a belt drive, or 3rd gear if your actually walking it. You can still cut in 4th and walk, but its more like a slow trot. Once you get some practice in on that 48" you should have those time down to about 20 - 25 minutes per house solo.

    Also, you should charge enough to cover dumping fees, even if you are getting by with free dumping at the city. There is no telling when they might catch on to you and deny you once they see you too often. Then your going to be stuck. It cost me $15 to dump my pickup bed full of debris. That is just the dump fee, plus I have to drive to the dump and back. If you can still get away with having the city take it, great, more profit for you, but dont shortchange yourself.

    Keep track of your total time and try to figue out what your grossing in an hour. Thats still the best way to track your profitability.
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    I have another question about hauling my 48".. what is the best way to secure it quickly?
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    Pro-Locker available at Pro-Mower 586 754-7009
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    hey guys i have a few things for sale

    1. Sthil fs-95 trimmer bought in july less then 20hours of use $200
    2. Sthil fc-95 stick edger also bought in july 40 hours use $200
    3. Sthil br-600 blower bought in july about 45 hours of use $299

    items are for pick up only am open to offers. pm me or call 248-895-4684
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    does any one mow in brighton? pm me if you want a name number and adress to a lawn account i am going to drop. its to far out of my way.
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    I know of 2 east side LCOs that have had their truck and trailers stolen in the last week. Tell your guys to not leave the frickin keys in the trucks. Both had keys in the ignition!!!! Both also got their truck and trailer back but of course nothing in them.
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    It is sad that this is happening but with the freakin economy understandable I guess. I live out here in Algonac and a lot of people are getting broken into. Have to start locking everything up tight as a drum. Never used to be that way! Funny most of the stuff that is being stolen is going right to the scrap yard not being resold to someone else. The scrap yard out this way is really getting strict on what they will take,but guess that is a good thing.
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    PMed you


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