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Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by tiedeman, Sep 4, 2003.

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    Try postcards. If you make it look legit it will peek their curosity.They may be po'd after reading. But hey, at least they saw the message!
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    The funny part we go through this every year. Theres nothing different than last year some new companies some old but in the long run do they ever last? Dont worry they always come back, well usally. Im just trying to be postive on this season. That alright i have 2 guys out there flyering they done alreay 7,000 and havent even got one call yet. so what does that tell you.
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    well we are doing door hangers. this only got us 4 people last year, so they still pay for them self.
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    Last year we were one of those new guys, but not the cheap guys, never cut a lawn under $20.00, but we did offer the last 2 cuts free if they pre-payed for the whole season. We put out 10,000 flyers and got 30 regular lawn customers for '08. Out of those, 14 of them resigned with us, 3 said no, and the others I can't seem to reach, just voice mail. We've done only 500 flyers so far (1 sub) and got one yes. We'll be back out tomorrow.

    I think I might know who this "Awsome Green" is, but I'm not positive. We had a partner when we started out last year, and he didn't like how we were running things. He didn't even want to get lisensed or insured, because he thought it was a waste of money, + more that you wouldn't even believe. He thought we would just do a job and pocket the cash, but as everyone knows, it doesn't work that way! Needless to say he's starting his own company this year (not sure of the name), but the guys always looking to make a quick buck. He even had the nerve to come to my house to ask me for a copy of our lawn contract, because he didn't know how to make one!
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    LOL people like that give us real LCO a bad name
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    Not only that, but if you want a good deal on a bicycle, you can give them a call for THAT, too! http://mtbike.mountainzone.com/bikeshops/detail.asp?bid=324945
    I'd call him up and find out the name of his service. If he offers fertilization, I presume he does weed control too (it can't feasibly be done without it). Check his name on the DOA registry and if he isn't on there, give the DOA a call. they'll be happy to call him as a "customer" and ask him if he can control their weeds. These guys don't play.
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    Check this out
    We service 1000- 1,500 accounts per season and we are looking to sub contract about 300. I will be subbing them out in groups of 100 for a fee of $5,000.00. you will be paid $19.00 each lawn and will be paid every 2 weeks. This means about $50,000.00 in business for the season per 100 lawns. my crews can cut 35-45 of these per day so you do the math. Your cost for 3days of cutting with 3 guys on a crew about $500.00 your fuel $125.00 your bill out $1,900.00 SO not a bad profit $1,275.00 per week and thats if you did not work with the crew if you did work then you just put at east $1,400.00 in your pocket. If you have the money to purchase more than 100 I would be willling to talk about it but I am not willing to sub out more then 300 accounts.

    This is not for guys who can't pay the $5,000.00 upfront. My reason for doing the 5000 is not only for the fee I feel I should get for handing over the work but also to weed out the dreamers and people who really have not business in the lawn service to start with. I cant have the person who I give these accounts to messing up my other 1200 accounts. So if you have exp, equipment and want to work in this slow ass michigan economy lets talk.

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    Yea thats not a scam or anything!
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    and the worst part is someone is going to pay that $5G....:hammerhead:
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    you know thats true. come on 1500 a week. LOL right,

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