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Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by tiedeman, Sep 4, 2003.

  1. TL Yardcare

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    I just bought a used 36" Scag W/B and its my first commericial mower (have a 33" crapsman now). The previous owner had the blade height at 2 3/4. Is it just me or is that super low? iLast time I checked I believe I mow around 3.5.. can someone please help me out with a good height to set it at for a mower like this?

    also im going to buy a couple sets of news blades, but don't know which ones to chose because I haven't had any experience with mulching blades, high low, gator, etc. im going to be both bagging and side discharge. anyone have some advice on what blades to go with?

  2. LawncareAmericaLLC

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    Hey tl. I like the gator blades, but everyone has there own opinion on what to use. You just have to try all out and find one that best suite your needs. We mow everything at 3.25 inches. until mid to late summer then we go up to 3.50-3.75 to keep the grass from browing out during dry months.
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    I find that mowers vary also when it comes to cutting height. 2.25 on my one Bobcat is about the same as 3.00 on my other Bobcat.
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    Thats what I am talking about, your profit works out in your favor. Guys who buy the mulch for $30 and lay for $40 are not working there numbers. Even if they can lay 10 crappy looking unprofessional yards an hour. Well no wait I guess that works out but I dont advocate unprofessional performance :laugh:

    I have two options on local mulch $22 or $25 until I get more yard space to get my own delivered. I estimate an average of 1yd per hour per 2 guys to be on the soft side. We used to lay for $55 but thats when I could get mulch for $15peryd.

    Now after all this mulch talk I need to go prep a few yards for mulch next week then try to mow this afternoon. :waving:
  5. Smithers

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    3" when i cut HO's yard and 4.5" when i cut mine.
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    You're kidding right?

    I hate using the WBs too much b/c they are at a set height and a pain to adjust. My bobcat WB is currently set at 3.25, but is only used on a few gated back yards. The HO yards we cut are set site-dependant, anywhere from 2.25-3.75"...and that 3.75 is a super-thick multi-acre property that grows like wildfire. Looks like a jungle after a couple of days but she complains if it is cut any shorter. 4.5"...can you see over your grass when you cut it Smithers?:laugh:
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    3---3.5" almost all lawns. Weather permits height of cut.
  8. terrapro

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  9. Smithers

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    not at all.

    i cut mine every 3-4 days, and the higher you cut, the fewer weeds.

    i probably would not even have to fert and still would not get weeds.

    dont water either. the roots are so deep, no need to. even in august.

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    Man I was at weingartz today and saw a brickman truck and trailer. When did they start doing work in Mi

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