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Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by tiedeman, Sep 4, 2003.

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    Not harsh, I just cant stand the cops that hide out or set up speed traps, trying to catch someone and wasting time. I have a few cop freinds and I joke with them about it all the time.:laugh:
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    Yes, I agree. I think it's stupid, there's better things that they could be doing and worrying about. It's all about how much $ they can bring in now, not what's right or wrong. I was talking with a neighbor of mine and he said tickets in Northville are at 3-400% of what they were a year and a half ago.
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    Stoked today going to pick up my class a motorhome and get it ready for a big camping trip
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    Wow, I have missed alot. I'm glad to see someone else getting tore up over $15 lawns rofl...... Hope everyone is doing well.
  5. M and S Lawn Care

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    You dont cut lawns for $15 do you? :usflag:

    Metro, I've seen quite a few of your trucks over here in Northville.. you have a lot of stuff out this way?
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    Oh Junior,
    Relax, im not commenting on everything you say. I just kept reading you talking about low ballers and finally had to say something. A friend of mine that lives in there told me that someone from Picasso knocked on his door and was talking "smack" .who cares. The customer who asked us to match your $25 price was not in the hills but another Fenton sub.(who cares)

    The only thing i would question is "knocking on 20,000 fenton area homes" fenton city has a population of 10,000 and fenton twp has 12,000 with a average of 3 people to a home. Thats 7500 residences that include lower income homes, trailers and at least 2000 apartment units :confused::confused:

    Oh and i didnt even know that you low balled the city bid.........................Low baller :)
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    it was from brighton all the way to fenton nothing farther north then grand blanc road, i talked to people all day every day for five weeks straight. put out 50,000 fliers by hand. well i mow one lawn for $25 dollars so i know exactly what one you are talking about and i would be glad for you to take it off my hands i only keep it because her mother in howel spends big $ with me. so tell me what sub this lawn is in, i bet your full of it on that to. and elite is trying to steal it from mw for 20 just so you know so tell her 15 and you might have a deal.

    dont sit here and try to call me out as being a lowballer when im mowing lawns in there for more then what you were. back to your 30% less reply come again on that, what lawn am i mowing for less?
  9. P.Services

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    and i care because i didnt talk "smack" not at all not even close. what the f is wrong with you to belive that. do you think i would go knock on doors and talk "smack" to try to get lawns. you caught me that was the game plan that worked so great talkshit and they sign right up.
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    Do you Fenton guys know who got the Fox Hills sub?

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