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Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by tiedeman, Sep 4, 2003.

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    Yes, I have many $15 lawns. You have to understand that many of the lots over here on the eastside of Detroit, Eastpointe, Roseville, and Warren have less than 2000 sq ft of lawn. Most of these jobs are 3 minutes start to finish. I have a little work on the west side...lol
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    Oh Junior !
    First it was 20,000 homes in Fenton now its a 30 mile radias of Fenton....:rolleyes:
    For what its worth we didnt match your price cos we didnt really want her as a customer. It was in the Pine Lake sub...thats all i'll say. Not going to talk about customers in open forum and didnt want to PM you because i would hate for people to think im "full of it" as you stated.

    Junior ...lol
    just remember you are the one who in another forum said $50 per hour was good for a $34,000.00 Bobcat. :nono::nono:

    keep up the good work!:dizzy:

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    I know I know. And that's great, there's no reason to charge more when they're close, small, and fast. Just giving you a hard time.
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    i know you are trying to act like im such a little kid by calling me junior, i could care less but a kid on here is always refer d to as junior on here so come up with a different name.

    i dont mow any lawns in pine lake NEVER have period. so that one has me scratching my head. Maybe she was trying to give you the run around just to get you to match "my" price.

    well i am a young "junior" and i do own a 332 a dump truck new mowers new truck new trailers new this new that only been doing this for two years so i must know a thing or two. keep in mind you have how many years on me? yeah in ten years if i choose to keep at this i will be a hellova lot farther ahead then i am now.

    keep up the good work?, care to share some pictures of your good work i vote for the picture of the front stairs on that "award winning" job of yours. good god i hope you guys went back and fixed that.

    back to how all this started what lawns am i mowing in the hills for 30% less? thats what your fullofshit about.
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    if its not lawns in the hills im mowing 30% less then what ones are they? and you say "bidding" i dont "bid" on residential lawns i name my price and thats what it is set in stone. if you fan across a flier on a door with a price i can guarantee it said "estimate of $30" on it..... they all say that. then i go out and give them a accurate estimate.

    all i want to know is what has made me a lowballer? what proof do you have?
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    Silence from Fenton would be nice. Nobody is looking good in this one fellas. Why not just shut it down?
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    Junior, lucky for us, cos i would hate for you to think we do bad work. The steps on that house were completed in the fall of 2007 by another contractor so the homeowner could get occupancy. After seeing the work of that contractor the homeowner gave us the job :):)
  8. Superior L & L

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    Job we finished last week.....just hardscape

    superio09- 007.jpg

    superio09- 019.jpg

    superio09- 001.jpg
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    I just heard MI homeless rate is up 10%! Good thing Jenny is trying to put every small business out of business. What does a new squad car for "commercial vehicle enforcement" cost?! I would assume it would be around $100G for the vehicle and then another $100G per year per officer to cover the salary, benefits, and misc. Nice way to use the loans from the feds.

    Welcome to MI the screw you state! We are following right behind California and New York.

  10. Tscape

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    Unfortunately those cars will pay for themselves. It's not the up front cost of the resources to the state(which they do care about), it's the cost to those who are fined. It's just another form of taxation. THROW THE BUMS OUT!!!!

    Remember this: Valde Garcia (R), our state rep in Howell/Pinckney/Brighton, voted for the service tax. Since I am a (R), I urge you to vote against him in the PRIMARY. He's a turncoat Bum with a capital B!

    Mike Rogers, our congressman, held fast on both votes of the federal bailout package, as well as the spendulus package. He is the man.

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