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Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by tiedeman, Sep 4, 2003.

  1. 24v6spd

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    You are right on about Garcia, I hope people don't forget that he voted for the sevice tax. He needs to switch partys.
  2. P.Services

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    well i figured you installed the steps on that one. my mistake, then we can agree on one thing that they look like shat.
  3. P.Services

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    but this argument started because you called me out as a lowballer so im still waiting on the proof of that. just because some old bat calls your office and claims im mowing a lawn for $25 qualifies me to be a lowballer? thats a strong word to use on this site as you can see it pissespeople off in a hurry so you need more proof then that.
  4. LawnVet

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    absolutely objective viewpoint:
    so he said that on here....and may have been wrong
    no one thinks he's right
    no one thinks you're right
    no one cares
    if you all stop now no one will think less of either of you...keep it up and we'll think less of both!
    Now let's all go make some coin before Jenny starts printing her own! :usflag:
  5. Sammy

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    Well said !:drinkup:
  6. 24v6spd

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    Looks like were in for a lot of rain today. It's really pouring right now.
  7. YoungGun

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    Looking to sub out a tree job!
    a good costomer of mine wants a 70ft tree gone. along with a bunch of other stuff. My crew and i can do almost everything.
    Except im a newb at droping trees in certain gaps.
    So if you are experienced and would like to come take a look and quote it
    pm me

    job location commerce twp
    cross roads are commerce and bogie lake
  8. LawncareAmericaLLC

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    Well waste of a day today pouring rain right now. I must say we all are guilty of lowballing at some point, we are just trying to survive this terrible economy and crappy new laws they have for us. If we worked together instead of fighting with on of another about what we charge then this industry would be better off.Why is it mechanics charge a base price per hour or roofing contractors charge a base price per square foot but lawn cutters charge whatever they feel they want to charge, there is no base per square foot or labor charge per hour for cutting. This will be a ongoing battle forever and there will always be lowballers we just have to deal with it.
  9. thelawnboss

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    The thing is, there will never be a standard in this line of work. even if EVERY guy on here decided, 100 a hour is the new "standard" what about the 1000's of guys that are not on here that do not agree. There are just too many businesses to get everyone on the same page.

    I guess i look at this all a bit different than many people do. If i do lose a job to someone cheaper, good for them, obviously they do not have the overhead cost that i do. If i have to make 60 an hour to break even, and they have to make 30 just to break even, why do i assume they are doing something wrong?

    I have my standard prices, i dont go in and undercut others prices, in fact, if i know someone has a company servicing their lawn, i dont even talk to them. I am a solo guy, take pride in my work, and work seems to come to me. Not saying i am the best by any means, i just take pride, and charge a decent price.

    There is a place for those guys that mow for 15 bucks, maybe some people that can only afford that much. Those people care about price, not quality. Just dont go after those people.

    hope everyone is having a good year so far.
  10. Mimowerman

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    P.M. Sent !!

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